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To be able to choose your mouse pad properly, you must base yourself on a multitude of criteria, each more important than the last. You will be using a mouse pad intensively and personally, so it is important that you take a serious look at its selection criteria.

A gamer may have a high-performance gaming PC, a full HD screen, the gaming keyboard of his dreams, high-quality speakers or even the best gaming mouse on the market, if he lacks the best dedicated mouse pad for gaming. its setup remains incomplete. One of the most essential PC accessories for gamers, the mouse pad is now equipped with the best technologies. How to choose it well? Discover in this buying guide all the criteria to consider to acquire the model ideally suited to all your needs:


The mouse pad must above all be ergonomic, that’s a fact, but that should not prevent it just as much from being design and decorative. The elements on which you will linger in choosing your mouse pad are the following: the material, the texture, the size, the design and finally the use that you intend to make of your mouse and by extension of your mat mouse.

Best Custom Extended Mouse Pads - Cute Mouse PadsMATERIAL AND TEXTURE

The basis of any mouse pad are the materials it is made of. These materials define everything that is most important on your mouse pad, which is why you should choose them carefully. A good mouse pad is usually made of three different materials. It is how these three materials are assembled that determines the overall quality of the whole. The best gamers in the world are very picky people and stuck on the makeup of their mouse pads. This allows them to increase and improve the capabilities of their mouse, and the way they use it.

The top layer of your mat, the one that covers the gliding surface, is the most important part of the whole. For this, it must be designed and coated with a very high quality material, a material with the best possible texture, in order to allow you to benefit from the best sliding surface and the best possible precision.

Some mouse pads use gel textures for this part. The latter are known to be easy to clean while providing equally perfect gliding surfaces. The middle layer and the base layer of your mat should be flexible and light enough, so as not to burden the use of the mouse.

There are several possible materials for your mouse pad, but the most notable are:

  • the foam
  • the fabric
  • plastic and
  • glass.

Foam mats promote slow and steady movements of your mouse which is perfect for normal mouse use. The problem with this material is that it is not very resistant, and therefore wears out quickly over time.

Fabric rugs these kinds of rugs make using the mouse even more pleasant and easy. The fabric mat even allows for movements as fast as they are slow. On top of that, you can be sure that unlike the foam mat, the fabric one will stand the test of time valiantly. So you can use it for as long as possible without any problem. However, the downside with fabric rugs is that they are difficult to clean. So be careful not to get them too dirty.

The plastic carpet is the big current trend. This one owes its present success to the fact that it is very resistant, and offers better stability and better freedom of movement for the mouse. In addition, it is particularly effective with regard to movement accelerations and spontaneous movements.

The glass mat: it is to mouse mats, what the Ferrari is to the automobile, a rare piece. Indeed, this type of carpet is much rarer than a simple fabric or plastic carpet. As a result, this type of mat is much more expensive than the others, although it is not necessarily more efficient. Its price is in fact due to its rarity, and especially to the fact that it is much more fragile and aesthetic than the others. However, it offers a fairly decent quality of glide and even above average.

After you have decided on the texture and materials you prefer, now is the time to consider the size and design of your mouse.


Apart from the standard size, you can now get mouse pads that are very large, and therefore offer you a wider sliding surface and better comfort of use. Keep in mind, however, that the size of mouse pad you choose will have a direct impact on its price, and therefore on the budget you choose to allocate to it.

Best Custom Extended Mouse Pads - Cute Mouse PadsAlthough mouse pads vary in size from model to model, you can be sure to find them in size XXl. These are mostly 900 mm long for a width of 400 mm. But there is however an infinity of sizes, all more diverse than the others.

The size and design of your mouse pad directly influences its ergonomics, so you will want to choose them carefully. You don’t need a stack that is too big if your hand is not, or a stack that is too small if your hand is very large. You will understand, it is a question of finding the happy medium and the perfect balance between the two.

So do not hesitate if you want to measure your hand and choose your wrist rest according to this data.


When we talk about the intended use of custom extended mouse pads, we are of course referring to the fact that it is intended for normal use in the office or for increased use based on gaming. For this last option, the choice of carpet is very important.

Indeed, this one can permanently affect the performances of the player, which is why the followers of this environment choose their mat with the greatest care. A gaming mat will be more resistant, last longer and above all will be of better quality than a standard mat. Indeed, due to the conditions of use of the latter, they undergo less testing and are less worked than a gaming mat.

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