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Are you looking for a practical and stylish backpack to carry your laptop? We have taken the tour for you. Discover our guide to buying the best models combining style and comfort to accommodate your laptop.

For some users, carrying cases for laptops quickly show their limit. Especially if you have to travel with other accessories or things. The space becomes too small to contain everything and it is not very practical to carry several bags at the same time, hence the usefulness of more spacious backpacks, some of which have special compartments reserved for laptops.

They are precisely the subject of our buying guide for the day. Whether carrying your 15-inch Surface Book, 13-inch MacBook, or any laptop PC, you’ll find a laptop backpack that will suit your needs.

Choosing the best Laptop backpack

A model of bag for men and women

Most of those in the working life require a laptop backpack to secure it. Man or woman regardless of their style can very well carry this kind of bag for the safety of their belongings.

That is why, there are models of cheap computer backpack for men and laptop backpack for women. For students, go for waterproof computer backpacks and especially ultralight models perfect for public transport.

There are even travel computer backpacks which are models of computer carry-on luggage accepted on airplanes.

Why choose a best laptop backpack?

Above listed all laptop bags for men and women. A laptop bag has many advantages. In the first place, it is a fashion accessory in its own right thanks to its young and urban look. By choosing an laptop backpack, you are showing off a fashion style that catches the eye.

In addition to its design, this type of man & woman bag has the particularity of offering good protection for your laptop, especially if you opt for the backpack with a special computer compartment. Indeed, it effectively protects your computer from shocks and drops that may occur during your travels. This backpack is also distinguished by its practicality.

laptop messenger bags for college students Best Laptop Backpack laptop bags for men and womenHow to find the right backpack?

Choosing a laptop carrying backpack is based on several very specific criteria. Let’s start with how it is used. If it is a computer backpack for hiking, choose a large backpack that could contain a computer and clothing.

A rigid laptop backpack can also do the trick. The size of the bag should also be taken into account. Choose models that integrate several compartments and pockets to ensure optimal practicality.

How to choose your Laptop bag?

laptop messenger bags for college students Best Laptop Backpack laptop bags for men and women1: The dimensions of your laptop: a briefcase bag allows you to transport primarily a computer or a touch pad, so you should choose a model that matches the size of your laptop screen. There are small bags for 12 “, 14”, 15 “or 17” computers. Be careful, a bag that is too large will be too bulky and the computer will be less well maintained.

2: Accessories and documents to carry with you: take stock of the items you need to carry with you (pens, notebook, USB key, HDMI adapter, contracts, brochures, etc.). It will be easier to choose a functional bag with all this information. If all you need is the computer then go for a thin and light laptop bag. Conversely, if you have to take a lot of accessories with you, it is preferable to opt for a bag with several compartments to store all your belongings.

3: Storage and pockets: All pockets and storage are not the same, it is better to have zipped pockets to avoid dropping something if you turn the bag over. In addition, favor pockets with precise locations for pens, cards, phone … Your bag will be better organized and it is ideal for a product used in the context of work because we waste less time finding his things fell to the bottom of the bag.

4: Protecting Your laptop: When purchasing a computer case, it should also be considered whether it is sufficiently reinforced with foam or a padded structure to protect the computer from impact. Computers are fragile and the screen can break if the case is hit hard.

5: The type of textile and materials: There are generally textile materials or leather for making computer briefcases. Some fabrics are treated against the rain to protect your computer no matter what. This is ideal if you cycle to work and have a shoulder bag with you. Leather is more resistant but may need to be maintained so that it does not deteriorate over time. For the rest it is a matter of taste between the fabric bags or the leather or imitation briefcase.

6: The way to carry the bag: Bags for carrying a computer are often equipped with a shoulder strap to carry on the shoulder. There are also saddlebags with handles for carrying by hand. Finally, there are also pouches that can be held directly in the hand without handles.

How to use your bag

Do you plan to use your bag to transport your PC to work or rather to go on vacation? How often will you need it? Depending on these questions, the criteria to be taken into account will not be the same. For example, make sure you have solidity and the protective cover if the most important criterion for you is mobility. Likewise, opt for a backpack if you plan to travel a lot with your laptop.

laptop messenger bags for college students Best Laptop Backpack laptop bags for men and womenThe size of the laptop bag

Computer dimensions can vary from 10 to 18 inches (the most common size being 15.6 inches), and case sizes are made accordingly. So make sure you have the size of your PC before going to the store: it would be a shame to have chosen your laptop well and not the bag that goes with it.

The quality and style of your laptop bag

If you like accessories that have style, then you will be relieved to learn that there are as many laptop bags as there are tastes. In leather, colored, plain, patterned the offer is plethora. But what is a beautiful bag worth if it rips at the first hitch? Indeed, you must also pay attention to the quality of the product: the strength of the handles, the effectiveness of the cover supposed to absorb shocks. For example, carefully observe the finishes and seams: they will tell you about the strength of the bag. A neat, regular seam with a thick thread will be a guarantee of quality. Check it out if you don’t want to buy a new bag for your laptop every year. Do not hesitate to check all these features with a seller.