Introduction of Airpods 2

In this topic we can discuss about are airpods worth it? The new AirPods have extended battery life for calls, voice access to Siri – and even a new wireless charging case. More than ever, AirPods are synonymous with an incomparable wireless experience. As soon as they are taken out of their case, they are ready to work with all your devices. Immediately in your ears, they connect instantly to immerse you in a rich and immersive sound.

Equipped with Apple’s new H1 chip for headphones, the AirPods offer a more efficient and more stable wireless connection. They are up to twice as fast when you switch from one active device to another and connect 1.5 times faster during a call 4. The H1 chip also enables voice activation of Siri and reduces sound latency in games by almost 30%. Whether you’re in the middle of a party or listening to music or podcasts, the difference is clear.

are airpods worth it

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Special features

The two main differences between the two models are Siri and the charging box. You will no longer need to double tap the headphones to activate the digital assistant. You will say “Say Siri” and it is at your service. This is very useful if you have busy hands. When you hold an umbrella or when you drive for example.

The new AirPods are available in two models. The first are delivered with a standard box, it offers 24 hours of autonomy. The latter have a housing using a wireless charging system. The difference is found in the price.

Introduction of Blackpods

This is an airpods amazing quality audio really good quality microphone and serve you through out the whole day. We have been using this airpod for a year I really like the way perform but this are the blackpods. This blackpods have been in the market atleast like a year but until recently the unbox therapy unbox on this channel. The whole market said that blackpods look cool yes, they actually look cool but pros and cons are everything.

So, we decided to test this out in the channel today. I will show you the airpods vs the blackpods very close. Now identical yes, it is very identical to the airpods as you can see write now but the matt black color looks very cooler than the solid white airpods this is a company called blvcknoir.  Blackpods 2 also comes with wireless charging. The case of blvcknoir is little bit shine and packaging is little bit cheaper but on the other hand price is 59$ so we will not complain. When you open the box, you touch this you unbelieve that the matt black color how cool they are. The blackpods and airpods are very similar. It connects exactly as same way as your airpods does.


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Sound Quality

The sound quality of blackpods is not exactly the same as the airpods. The base of the sound is less then the airpods but in 59 $ blackpods is best and I recommended this airpods for you. The microphone is correct, the calls are very fluid and can be heard very well, even if they have no noise cancellation.


The BlackPods are paired easily. We open the box near the iPhone that will recognize it as unknown AirPods, we connect, we touch the back button of the box and an animation tells us that they are already connected.

From now on, just by opening the case, the iPhone will recognize them and it will show us an animation with the box and the two headphones, if we take out one it will show me the two headphones and the battery separately and if we take out The two headphones will show us only the headphones.


The battery lasts 4 hours, it can vary according to the volume we use. The maximum volume is more friendly, it is tolerable, it sounds good in this price. It does not lose quality because the bass accompanies well, although they can also be annoying later of a time.


The price is much lower than that the Airpods. The price is only 59$ on the other hand Airpods price is 200$.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless charging case
  • Exactly similar to airpods
  • Connectivity is best
  • Matt black color is much cooler than white


  • The base of the sound is not same as airpods
  • The quality of audio is not same as airpods
  • no noise cancellation.


In conclusion, the BlackPods have better sound quality with price 59$ , proximity sensor, better controls, better weight, the battery is on par with the AirPods2 and , it is excellent and the best option if we are willing to Invest a little more.

The conclusionsof are airpods worth it are quite interesting. First, with this packaging, with this case, with these headphones and with the internal features that it has we can say that they are better than the original ones, they are cheaper, they sound good, they have the same controls.

Now the line is so thin that I would not trust to buy original AirPods in places other than the official ones, since they could try to sell us these super copies for originals.

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