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ASP.NET – C# XML Content material Control Device

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About XML CMS…

A formidable ASP.NET CMS written in C#/ASP.NET. It approaches content material control with the underlying targets of simplicity and openness. You’ll be able to construct the rest and offers designers and builders an entire keep watch over over Xml recordsdata/constructions and offers a lean, versatile technique to construct dynamic internet sites with few XML recordsdata.

The Xml Content material Control Device is 100% XML based totally with numerous great options and runs on each Microsoft IIS and Linux ( Apache & Nginx). Test it out at dotnet-cms.com.

This is properly suited to non-public portfolio, weblog, or any more or less industry web site. You’ll be able to merely keep watch over your web site glance and content material with none particular wisdom in C# or ASP.NET. It does now not use the default .NET Controls and gives an enhanced efficiency the use of Html Outputs Compression, Html feedback elimination and a strong .NET Caching Device and a lot more…

Please observe that the Open Supply model of the XML ASP.Internet CMS will likely be to be had simplest on codecanyon.internet.

A Bief Historical past

Having greater than 200 domains, updating .NET assemblies, static contents, not unusual graphics and plugins used to be a troublesome activity. As a result of this tough repairs activity, I coded the XML Content material Control Device to have the similar .NET code working other on domains on the similar time.

I saved in minde the next targets :

A. Working the CMS on each Microsoft IIS and Not unusual Linux webservers.

B. Working the CMS on Mono the use of Mono Rapid CGI.

C. Sharing not unusual photographs and Jquery plugins between all domain names.

D. The use of the similar .NET assemblies for all domain names.

E. The use of a template engine that handles .NET Gadgets.

F. The use of reusable HTML content material like Google Analytics javascript.

F. Modifying any area content material from a SSH console.

XML CMS .NET Initiatives Review

The Content material Control Device .NET initiatives are well-architectured with a robust C#/ASP.NET Object Orientated Programming fashion. Its C# code follows and respects the .NET/C# and ASP.NET excellent naming conventions. The XML CMS comes with helpful .NET initiatives which may be used on different .NET Initiatives ( Winforms & ASP.NET )

A. Framework.Core :
Incorporates not unusual .NET Helpers. The .NET Helpers come with

1. Serialization Application

2. IO Application.

three. Encryption Application ( MD5, RSA, DES, ..) and so forth..

B. Framework.TemplateEngine :
This venture a .NET manufacturing facility for NVelocity Undertaking. The template engine venture may use each report based totally templates and reminiscence based totally templates. The Framework.TemplateEngine is a standalone venture and you’ll be able to use it for each Winforms & ASP.NET Initiatives.

C. Framework.TemplateEngine.Interfaces

This venture is a .NET Interfaces one for the Framework.TemplateEngine venture. So you’ll be able to override or put into effect the interfaces as you favor for any Winforms or ASP.NET venture.

The Internet.Core accommodates the entire Fashions of the XML CMS. But even so, the Internet.Core comes with a PageBase tremendous magnificence that inherits from Device.Internet.Web page and make coding more straightforward and higher..

E. Framework.Internet.XmlContentManagement
That is the ASP.NET Undertaking. The Undertaking accommodates a singular web page : Index.aspx. The Index.aspx inherists from Framework.Internet.Core.PageBase and there’s few code within the Framework.Internet.XmlContentManagement Undertaking.

F. Framework.XmlContentManagement.Products and services
The XML CMS is an MVC Content material Control Device. The Framework.XmlContentManagement.Products and services .NET Undertaking accommodates the XMl CMS Controllers. All Http Requests are despatched to a Primary Controller : XmlService.cs. This one makes use of inside controllers to validate and serve Html Outputs.

XML CMS .NET Initiatives Maintainability

Maintainability Index calculates an index price between zero and 100 that represents the relative ease of keeping up the code. A prime price method higher maintainability. The Maintainability Index can be utilized to temporarily determine bother spots to your code. A inexperienced score is between 20 and 100 and signifies that the code has excellent maintainability. A yellow score is between 10 and 19 and signifies that the code is relatively maintainable. A pink score is a score between zero and nine and signifies low maintainability. Each and every .NET venture has a excellent Code Metrics effects and at least 80% Maintainability Index.

What’s new in Upcoming Updates ?

For the instant, All updates are finished in XML Recordsdata. I’m running at the model the place the CMS definitions will likely be saved in an SQLite Database. Directors may have an complete Management phase and all updates will likely be strored within the SQLite Database. But even so, the XML CMS will nonetheless have XML recordsdata make stronger and may run with an [ Hibrid Mode ] so you’ll be able to use each SQLite and XML Recordsdata on the similar time.

The following model will include a Tough .NET O/R Mapper that helps maximum not unusual databases like : SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle and gives a type of LINQ Question Language that makes coding really easy.

Prior to your acquire

For assist or gross sales/technical questions in regards to the XML Content material Control Device, please be at liberty to touch me via e mail at chouffainet[@]gmail.com. I can be happy to respond to your entire questions.

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The XML Content material Control Device evolved and maintained via Badr CHOUFFAI and offered solely on codecanyon.internet market. Get your open supply replica lately…

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