After many hours of research, and the analysis of around twenty models, we have selected the 6 best gaming headsets of the moment. Among them, it is always the HyperX Cloud Alpha which wins our preference.

Although offered at a very reasonable price, these Stereo headphones are one of the most versatile, with good audio and microphone quality, solid material construction and undeniable comfort.

The best cheap gaming headsets

Not every gamer has an unlimited budget. We have therefore chosen here two gaming headsets which, for a reasonable investment, already offer good audio and microphone quality, combined with a certain comfort.

Corsair HS50

The Best Gaming Headset 2

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Our first headphone stands out for its simplicity, its sober and elegant design and its excellent quality/price ratio. This is the wired and stereo version of the HS70 (which has 7.1 virtual surround), which you can get for a little more investment. However, we are not too bothered by this cable, because it has the comfortable length of 2 m. It ends with a mini-jack allowing a multi platform connection. But it is also supplied with a Y adapter, to connect to the headphone and microphone jacks of a PC.

On the design side, no frills: The Corsair HS50 does not try to pretend to be anything other than what it is, namely an efficient headset. It is completely black, with the exception of a ring on the headphones and the stitching in the blue imitation leather. The headphones include the ears, but the headband, even reduced to a minimum, remains quite wide. Small heads may experience some discomfort. In short, without being uncomfortable, this model would have deserved certain adjustments and a little more flexibility. This would have allowed better sound insulation.

In terms of sound, without being at the forefront, we get something quite correct for stereo. The bass lacks precision, but the reproduction of the midrange is very good. The microphone is detachable, and a simple press on the left atrium allows you to open or close it at your leisure. The pole is malleable and can be easily adjusted. The voice recording is very clear and its great directivity gives a good separation between the voice and the surrounding noises.

In the end, this headset, despite its reasonable investment, is a model of simplicity and efficiency. It guarantees you good audio quality, as well as undeniable microphone quality.


Razer Kraken X

Best Gaming Headset

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With this second model, we take a bit of the opposite here is a headset that does not pay particularly mine, but impresses with its comfort and the possibility of using 7.1 virtual surround. We have indeed a model with a plastic construction with a somewhat cheap appearance. There is only a volume adjustment wheel and the mute button on the microphone.

It offers a slightly padded adjustable headband at the top and well-padded memory ear cups that don’t keep you too hot. Eyeglass wearers will also be delighted to find hidden cutouts to insert their branches. But above all, what makes it successful is its very small weight: barely 250 g. It is not for nothing that most users say that they feel like they are wearing nothing. If you want to enjoy 7.1 Surround, it will only be on the PC, because it works according to an application to download.

The audio quality is correct, as long as you do not go into a too saturated sound universe. The problem is that there is often a loss of sound in either ear, depending on the placement of your character. This is why going through the Surround application is highly recommended, because then the rendering is quite impressive for a headset at this price. But even in this case, the sound insulation is not perfect.

In the end, Razer has the merit here of offering us a very comfortable headset with virtual 7.1 surround at a very low price. However, we recommend it only to PC players, who will be able to take advantage of this surround, and thus largely correct its sound defects. For others, the Corsair will be much more satisfactory in terms of audio.

The best mid-range gaming headsets

In this second category we find the most interesting quality / price ratios. Without being the most advanced on the market in the field. They have the merit of providing high-quality audio rendering, all combined with good hardware quality and great comfort.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Best Gaming Headset

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After the HyperX Cloud II, long considered a benchmark in the field. HyperX has once again established itself among affordable gaming headsets, with the Alpha model.

With a solid construction, with an extendable aluminum hoop covered with very soft and sufficiently padded imitation leather, it presents a successful design. This same imitation leather covers the pads and contributes to their comfort. They have a rather thick memory foam, which makes them extremely soft. On the other hand, it is impossible to adjust the ear cups in height. The sound insulation, it is quite correct.

It is a wired model, but its cable covers the comfortable length of 1.3 m. It ends with a 4-point mini-jack which offers a multiplatform connection, and is accompanied by a Y extension of 2 m, to connect it to the PC.

In terms of noise, the quality is there. The bass and midrange are rendered very faithfully, and the power is quite impressive, without ever being left with a dread of unreadable sounds. The amplitude of the stereo is very good, and the rendering convincing, despite the absence of 7.1 Surround.

The microphone has the advantage of being removable. Placed at the end of a flexible pole, it can easily be modulated to adapt to your sound environment. The rendering is very good, with a voice that is very intelligible, but its sensitivity could be improved.

As you can see, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a success. Audio quality, microphone quality and comfort are at the rendezvous. If we really wanted to be fussy, we could blame him for not integrating Surround for more precise spatialization, but this is not a necessity for every player.

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Logitech G Pro X

Best Gaming Headset

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The second headset in this section is signed Logitech and also offers an engaging design between the partially metal headband. The aluminum plates on the ear cups and the ear cover, pleasant to the touch, everything inspires solidity and comfort.

The headset is supplied with two pairs of earphones, one in imitation leather with memory foam and the other in velvet. However, whatever the material chosen, the sound insulation remains a bit low.

It is a wired headset with a comfortable 3 m mini-jack cable with a length of 2 m allowing. It to be connected to a console or to the sound card, but a Y adapter is also provided for PC players.

The sound card, compatible only with PC and PS4, was developed in partnership with Blue Microphones. A company highly renowned in terms of sound and, above all, microphone. It allows both virtual 7.1 surround processing and Blue VO!CE voice processing, all adjustable by software provided.

The sound quality, undeniably, is there. However, it is frustrating to see how dependent it is on the chosen pad material. If you are a lover of imitation leather, be aware that you risk. In this configuration, to be greatly disappointed by the bass rendering.

But where the Logitech Pro X stands out from the competition. It is at the removable microphone: on the one hand. It has a great directivity which confers an excellent isolation of ambient noise at the same time as a very faithful capture of the voice.

On the other hand, equalizations can be made thanks to Blue VO!CE treatments, which allow, among other things, to configure a whole series of options, such as reducing breath noise or reducing excessively large volume differences.

This is why this model should particularly charm streamers.

The best high-end gaming headsets

In this price range, the investment may seem considerable for a gaming accessory. However, if you spend many hours playing, it’s an expense you won’t regret.

And if the two headphones that we have selected are, in themselves, extremely efficient. The rendering is all the more impressive even if you accompany them with sound processing devices specifically designed for them.

Astro A40 2019


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This model comes from the Astro brand, specializing in gaming, and is regularly recommended by e-sport professionals. Already well known in the gaming world, it was the subject of a renewal in spring 2019 bringing some small improvements not essential but always welcome.

This headset gives an impression of solidity, with a rather thick aluminum hoop and a solid plastic chassis. The earpads rotate 90 ° and are adjustable in height, so that they fit everyone.

On the other hand, it should be stressed that this comfort tends to be a little to the detriment of sound insulation. Its airy design does not completely isolate you from your environment. However, the headset is compatible with the Mod Kit. Which allows it to be transformed into an anti-noise headset worthy of a professional tournament.

It is a wired headset, with a removable 1.80 m cable terminated by a mini-jack. This cable is obviously of good quality, but it can be regrettable that the control buttons are there.

If the sound reproduction in stereo is precise and faithful, particularly in the bass, without any distortion observed even at high volume. It is even better with the Mix Amp Pro TR: the surround rendering is very convincing. Which makes it as suitable for gaming as listening to music.

The microphone, without surprise, is of excellent quality. It is detachable so that it can be positioned on any headset. With its audio and microphone qualities. Its ergonomics and its comfort, the A40 TR is able to satisfy gamers who are already very demanding.

In conclusion, which gaming headsets to choose?

Our choice is for the HyperX Cloud Alpha , a stereo gaming headset which, for a frankly reasonable investment, is capable of providing a successful gaming experience to most of you, with audio and microphone quality unrivaled in this price range.

The low budget choice, it is on the side of the Corsair HS50, simple and effective, offering audio and, above all, microphone, and its price range.

Finally, the Astro A40 (2019) is one of the most convincing choices of the moment. With a very successful 7.1 Dolby Digital virtual surround sound, for a simply stunning sound rendering. It also has one of the best microphones on the market, making it an ideal model for cooperative games.

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