After several hours of research among thirty models, we have established our selection of the best gaming mouse available on the European market. It is the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum which presents, in our opinion, the best quality / price ratio for gamers wishing to adjust the weight of their mouse. It includes numerous configuration possibilities for the buttons and its precision largely equals its ergonomics.

The best cheap gaming mouse

In this first price range, it is sometimes difficult to find high-performance models that contain multiple functions. Here is nevertheless a mouse which presents an interesting quality / price ratio.

Logitech G203 Prodigy: the best cheap

Best Gaming Mouse

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  • Best sensor available at this price
  • Simple but neat design
  • slight


  • Slippage not optimal
  • Sensitive buttons

The Logitech G203 Prodigy is actually the cheaper alternative to the high-end model, the G Pro. Released in late 2016 / early 2017, it is a wired mouse with optical sensor.

With a solid appearance, it has a worked plastic shell which is intractable in the face of fingerprints. Like most gamer models at Logitech, there is the backlit “G” logo to bring a touch of gaming to the simplistic but successful design.

Its dimensions (11.6 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm) testify to its small size, ideal for small hands but which remains accessible to the greatest number. This model is ambidextrous even if it is more thought for the right-handers because of the buttons located on the left.

Weight level, it is light (only 85 g) and allows rapid use. On the other hand, the clicks are quite noisy and the sliding of the mouse is not the most optimal.

There are six buttons (too sensitive) configurable via Logitech software which embeds an RGB system with which 16.8 million colors are available to you to customize the backlight.

The 1000 Hz refresh rate and the adjustable sensitivity from 2000 to 8000 dpi are good values ​​for its price and bring a good dose of precision.

In conclusion, even if the Logitech G203 Prodigy does not benefit from the best ergonomics on the market. It presents a good design as well as excellent performance with sensitivity and precision which are more than enough for gamers. If you want more reliable gaming experience then you must use gaming chair we also reviews about best PC gaming chairs under 100$.

The best mid-range gaming mouse

In this price range, we have selected models that offer more versatility, with an even better design, a more comfortable grip and more configuration options.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: the best mid-range

Best Gaming Mouse

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  • Best quality price report
  • Good grip
  • Adjustable weight


  • For right-handers only

The G502 is an optical sensor mouse manufactured by the giant Logitech. And if it was released in 2015, it remains completely current and competitive in terms of its quality / price ratio.

On the design side, it comes with an entirely black shell as well as a dial and a dark gray dpi level indicator. We have here, as often in the world of gaming mouse, an all-angles model with an original and worked look. Its dimensions (13.2 x 7.5 x 4 cm) rank it among the standard models, but it is a little thinner than the average. The grip is therefore generally suitable for the greatest number, especially since there is a reinforcement at the level of the thumb. If the mouse initially weighs 121 g, it is possible to add up to 5 weights of 3g each.

The G502 has 11 programmable buttons, five of which are accessible by thumb. The wheel can be operated from the sides, and you can assign functions to it. The configuration is carried out using Logitech software, intuitive and configurable.

This software also allows you to adjust the visible backlight on the logo because it is a mouse with the RGB function, which offers customization among 16.8 million colors.

The Logitech G502 has 12,000 dpi, programmable at five sensitivity levels. Its refresh rate can be adjusted up to 1000 Hz, which guarantees an excellent level of precision.

In short, if you are looking for a right-handed, versatile gaming mouse with impeccable design and handling, all at a standard price, the Logitech G502 is a safe bet. Its numerous programming possibilities should satisfy all gamer profiles.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O: the mid-range alternative

Best Gaming Mouse

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  • The lightest
  • 4 recordable profiles
  • Silent wheel


  • Designed for right-handers, medium or large

This wired mouse comes from Glorious PC Gaming Race, a Texan brand specializing in gaming PCs and their accessories. The Model O is rather designed for a medium to large right hand (12.8 x 6.6 x 3.7 cm) who can grasp it in the palm as in claw. Its optical sensor is not very recent but is excellent and very efficient. It works on all types of surfaces except reflective, shiny and glass.

The refresh rate of 1000 Hz is fairly standard. The sensitivity goes up to 12,000 dpi with up to four profiles that can be saved by the application. The latter allows you to configure the six buttons. The brand was careful to reduce the sensitivity of the two side panels to the left to avoid accidental activation.

As for the wheel, it is notched and quite silent. It just lacks a horizontal scroll which is regular for mouse at this price. Regarding its weight, it is the lightest with only 67 g which gives it a very good glide with its proprietary skates in PTFE G-Skates.

Finally, its honeycomb surface is more than original. The plastic surface explains its weight but does not detract from the robustness of the model. The colors are obviously customization via the software.

In summary, this wired mouse with optical sensor is designed for right-handed gamers playing different types of games and wishing to record different profiles based on them. It is fast and precise thanks to its exceptional lightness

The best high-end gaming mouse

If the question of price does not bother you, you will find here only cutting edge mouse. Neat, comfortable, efficient, precise, they are generally made for e-sport.

Razer Naga Trinity: the best top of the range

Best Gaming Mouse

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  • Ergonomic
  • Constructed from durable materials
  • The best in precision and speed


  • but a little simplistic design

Released in 2018, the Naga Trinity is a modular mouse introduced by Razer, which wanted to be able to offer a single mouse available according to the type of game.

It is inspired by the Naga Chroma (12 programmable buttons) focused on MMO type games and the Naga Hex V2 (7 programmable buttons in the form of a circle) oriented towards Moba use.

This wired mouse has a somewhat simplistic design, far from what we can see on current gaming models. Of course, the logo remains backlit thanks to the RGB system seen on previous models.

Its curved format is a trademark of the Naga and favors a palm grip that perfectly matches the shape of your hand. It is solid and its plastic shell benefits from an anti-fingerprint treatment thats why No doubt about its durability.

Its dimensions (11.9 x 7.4 x 4.3 cm) indicate that it is small in length and its weight (120 g) shows a certain heaviness. The notched wheel is manipulated vertically and horizontally making its use comfortable and pleasant.

Here we face a model whose sliding is easy on all surfaces except on glass and reflective materials.

Its refresh rate (1000 Hz) and its maximum speed (16,000 dpi) make it precise and responsive. There are also five sensitivity levels, three interchangeable sides as well as customizable buttons with sophisticated Razer Synapse software.

In short, with the Naga Trinity, Razer has really focused on ergonomics with a design that promotes good grip. Its characteristics make it a wired mouse with a 5G optical sensor that is durable, precise and reactive.

Logitech G903: the high-end alternative

The Best Gaming Mouse 2

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  • Lightweight for a wireless
  • Lightspeed technology
  • Modular connection


  • Low resolution for its price
  • High price of the complementary mat

Through this wireless model with optical sensor, Logitech offers an evolution of the G900 whose two watchwords are precision and reactivity.

Visually attractive, it has a rather angular design with a plastic shell. As with the other Logitech models in this selection, the “G” logo benefits from the RGB system designed to personalize the selection of colors.

It is a model originally designed for wireless use, even if the wired mode remains possible. This also allows you not to be bothered by cables during your gaming sessions. Its maximum autonomy is fixed at 180 hours but for average use, its resistance is estimated at around 140 hours with a reliable connection. To optimize this mode, you will need to buy a Powerplay mat which is quite expensive.
In terms of ergonomics, this ambidextrous model with dimensions 13 x 6.7 cm and light weight offers a good grip. It is comfortable in both palm and claw.

The wheel is notched or free, as desired. There are 11 configurable buttons via Logitech G Hub software which aims to create your own gamer profile.

In terms of performance, the G903 is fast and precise. Its five levels of sensitivity give it a certain versatility. Its maximum resolution is 16,000 dpi, which is slightly lower than the Razer Naga Trinity.
In summary, the Logitech G903 is a wireless mouse that combines speed, precision and versatility. Ergonomics and design are also assets for her. It could therefore have been the best in its range but we felt that the Razer Naga Trinity offered a more interesting price / quality ratio. Indeed, The G903 is very expensive, especially if we add the price of the Powerplay mat.

Honorable mentions

Razer Deathadder Elite: this wired model with optical sensor is designed for right-handers with claw grip. The resolution rises to 16,000 dpi with five levels of sensitivity and a refresh rate at 1000 Hz. If the buttons are configurable by the Razer Synapse software. The clicks are rather noisy and the users are not all delighted by their resistance which prevents us from presenting it to you in this comparison.

Roccat Kone Aimo: from the first glance, we are struck by its pleasant look. Its strong domed back generates good palm grip even with the largest hands. You can adapt it to your playing profile by means of the 12 buttons (ten of which can be configured) to obtain better accuracy. Among the criticisms that can be made of it, there are no non-slip coatings in strategic places, and it is heavy and massive not suitable for small hands.

SteelSeries Rival 710: it comes in a classic format with a domed structure that promotes good grip so, Its sliding is efficient and reliable on any surface. Precision is required in this model, especially since it includes a complete software and an OLED screen on the left side but users wonder about the interest of it. However, its weight (137 g) makes it lose points in terms of ergonomics.

In conclusion, which gaming mouse to choose?

In our opinion, it is the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum which is the best value for money, because it does not present any major defect except its use for right-handers only. For an affordable price, we benefit from an attractive design, a comfortable grip and good performance.

If you are looking for a cheaper model, you will have to make sacrifices on the comfort of use but with the Logitech G203 Prodigy, you will obtain satisfactory performance for a gamer.

Finally, for a higher budget, you can turn to the Razer Naga Trinity which is designed for sustainable use. So, Design, ergonomics, precision, speed everything is there!

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