Here we analysis about 7 best headphones for music and gaming. Headphones have gained increasing popularity in the market, and there are many reasons. In particular, the democratization of sound with falling prices and quality models accessible from around thirty or forty euros has played a crucial role. However, faced with this proliferation of products, audiophiles sometimes find it difficult to select a quality product, whatever its range. For this reason, we have selected for you the models that we consider to be the best, based on their corresponding range. 

 5 Best Headphones


1: Sennheiser Momentum 3

As long as you have the adequate budget, this device will frankly please you! If the active noise reduction is effective in itself, it would definitely be more pronounced, especially since the idea of the 3 modes is well seen. The model remains clearly qualitative, and will accompany you for more than 17 hours continuously without you even noticing its presence, as it is so comfortable. 
The Good: Advanced active noise reduction with 3 modes
Comfortable leather cushions and headband
Smart features: automatic on / off, Alexa connectivity, Siri and Google Assistant
Advanced sound and other settings from the Senheiser Smart Control app[/i2pros]

The Bad: Headphones only turn off when folded
Active noise reduction could be further

2: Plantronics Backbeat 2

Plantronics has literally bet on quality and innovation, and it must be said that we are not disappointed. Reasonable price despite the range concerned, performance of durability and its certain and, above all, technological additions. And there, if noise reduction can convince us, this is already less the case with the Smart Sensor, for example. 

The Good: Available in two versions: gray or black.
Universal connection, with cable or use of the Bluetooth system.
Very worked design and finishes.
Several practical keys placed directly on the headset to control music and calls.
Includes an active noise reduction system, via a microphone canceling the frequencies outside the headphones (surrounding noise).
The sound is very balanced across the entire auditory spectrum, from bass to treble.
Excellent autonomy.

The Bad: The technology of “Smart Sensor”, supposed to start the music when it is on our head, is not perfected.
During prolonged listening, the headphone tends to be unpleasant and can cause pressure on the cartilage due to its heavy weight.

3: Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3

The success is there on this model: concentrated in design and technology, it makes an excellent headset for audiophiles. In its wired version, its sound reproduction is perfect and in its wireless version, the stability of its network is perfect. The drawbacks remain slight in view of the exceptionally low price displayed: we recommend it. 

The Good: Available in 7 different colors.
A very worked design, but isn’t that one of the main qualities of Beats headphones?
its very Comfortable.
Incorporates pre-recorded commands for voice calls and music.
Very good quality materials to dissipate heat, which increases the durability of the model.
Very good mobile headphone.
Available in wired or wireless version, the wireless connection via Bluetooth.
Suitable for athletes (very good hold on the ears)

The Bad:]Some gaps on the finishes of the pads.
Sensation of discomfort in case of prolonged listening.

4: B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay

Despite its fairly significant price, the headphone achieves magnificent performances. The sound quality is simply stunning, as the transcription wants to be faithful. The sound is immersive and the frequencies are well managed. Due to the lack of complete information, the headphone will ask you for a little resourcefulness, but the prowess is validated. 

The Good: Available in two colors: black or natural.
Smart Sensor to stop and resume music depending on whether you place or remove the headphones from your head.
Active noise reduction.
Two microphones dedicated to voice calls in order to eliminate noise and to clarify exchanges and your voice.
Pairing up to 2 devices.
Wireless system with Bluetooth connection up to 30 meters.
Impressive battery capacity: up to 30 hours of listening time.

The Bad:The quick start guide is incomplete.
The Smart Sensor has experienced some hiccups, even if it remains one of the most successful on the market.

5: Marshall Major

A quality model, which offers a definite price-performance ratio and amazing performance. We may regret the absence of noise attenuation, but at this price, such quality technology remains rare. On the promised performance, Marshall succeeds hands down. 

The Good: ]Very successful vintage design.
Wireless headset, working via Bluetooth.
Autonomy of 30 hours.
Good resistance of the cable with a thickness of 3.5mm.
Headset buttons for calls.
The model is foldable.
Comfortable padding on the ear cups.
Excellent sound quality.
Very good connectivity and Bluetooth stability, fast connection

The Bad: After prolonged listening, the headphones tend to put pressure on the ears.
No noise reduction.


How to choose best headphones for music and gaming?

Fortunately, headsets do not suffer from the same problems as headphones, that one of the two elements simply stops working. This is mainly due to the poor quality of the wires which connect the end caps and which tend to become rigid and too easily break as you wind and unwind it. However, headphones are not free from other durability issues.
Whether we are talking about the good quality of the wireless connection or the composition of the wire, or even more broadly of building materials, many factors will influence the quality and lifespan of your model. We therefore offer you some advice in order to see more clearly. 

Avoid the attractive prices. We told you in the introduction: finding quality headphones, even inexpensive, is now possible. This however opened the trend towards even cheaper headphones, but losing a lot in quality. Remember to compare the interesting references to other products in the same range: you will be able to estimate if the price is too attractive compared to the performance promised by the technical sheet. 

Use quality manufacturers. Compared to retailers and large retailers, these manufacturers are the flagship of quality items. Sony, Beats, Logitech: these are some examples of trusted brands. Do not hesitate to visit our selection of trusted audio and Hifi brands to obtain a broader and more detailed overview! 

Take into consideration the tests and consumer reviews. Testing is usually done by professionals, who let you see what the headphone is worth in action, often based on established technical parameters. Customer reviews, on the other hand, are based on individuals, but among which you can find all kinds of profiles. This is as much miscellaneous information as you can use. 

Best Headphones for Music and Gaming

Sound quality

It goes without saying that sound quality is essential. Mobile headsets are not only subjected to the same battery of tests as high-end headsets (frequency balance, sound precision) but must also show a clear mark as to the impact of Bluetooth transmission on sound quality, especially on the harmonic distortion rate. All these measures are dissected and explained in the audio part of each test. 


The advantage of a portable Bluetooth headset lies in the freedoms it offers: that of the head, whose movements are no longer hindered by a cable, that of the hands, with the hands-free kit, and that provided by the controls present on the headphone itself. Their completeness is important, as is their ease of use. Independence from an electrical outlet, namely the autonomy of the headset, is also taken into account.

Best Headphones for Music and Gaming


If active noise reduction is not systematically present, the pads nevertheless offer more or less good passive insulation from outside noise and conversely more or less protect the outside of the music you listen to! So, if you take the metro during rush hour and care about your life, prefer a headphone that will not inconvenience the whole train. 


We can boast of ignoring appearances, it is still an object with which we are crowned several hours a day. Beyond the aesthetics, the construction is also important: a robust cable, a solid arch, resistant pads, good comfort and adaptability to all skull sizes are all elements to take into consideration during of the acquisition of a portable headphone.

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