Here we described best laptops for accounting students. A good student who respects himself must now have a laptop. Today, this material has become essential for carrying out your studies, whether you are a college student, a high school student or a university student. Indeed, we generally need a laptop to do research, to participate in or have access to online conferences, to do practical work or even to take notes during lessons.

However, it is possible that you will end up getting lost in your choices with the countless offers that are available on the market. In this guide, we will therefore present the criteria that you must take into account and some models of student laptops in order to simplify your task.

Guide To Our Top Rated

Apple MacBook Air:

The MacBook Air is an Apple laptop. This model has been specially designed for mobile users and is suitable for the needs of students. In addition, it guarantees the security of your data thanks to the Touch ID technology it embeds.

The operation is quite simple. Locking and unlocking your laptop is done with your fingerprint. Then Apple guarantees you better interaction with your MacBook Air. The machine precisely executes the commands according to the pressure level carried out on the Trackpad Force Touch.

What We Like:  Very compact: The finesse and lightness of the MacBook Air are its first assets. It weighs a little over a kilogram for a thickness of 21.24 cm, a width of 30.41 cm and a length of less than 1.56 cm.

Long battery life: With normal use, a MacBook Air can last up to 12 hours. You can then use it for a whole day on a single charge.
Silent: You do not risk annoying your classmates when you use it. It is no longer fitted with the traditional fan and does not emit noise.

What We Don’t Like:  Non-upgradeable: Once you have bought your MacBook Air, there is no way to improve its storage space and its RAM. The machine components are soldered to the memory card to obtain very compact dimensions.

Overheats:  When this laptop is used for a long time or when subjected to heavy use, it can sometimes start to overheat.
Expensive: MacBook Air is not for everyone. You have to be an affluent student to have the privilege of offering it.

Microsoft Surface Pro:

This model from Microsoft is certainly the choice par excellence of all students. The Surface Pro is a hybrid tablet that combines all the advantages of a laptop and a tablet. It has a Type Cover keyboard which allows you to work faster on your machine.

It is also the element that allows you to easily switch from laptop to tablet. It is a very thin keyboard with movable keys. Then, it has a “Surface Arc Mouse” for perfect ergonomics. In short, it is perfect to be used on the go.

What We Like: Convenient: This Surface Pro hybrid tablet lets you work on the keyboard or directly on the screen.
Light and compact: This Microsoft model simply weighs 0.8 kg. In addition, it is offered with dimensions 29.2 x 0.8 x 20.1 cm.
Autonomous: You do not have to get up very early in the morning to arrive first in the room in order to place yourself near an electrical outlet. Your Surface Pro can last up to 13 hours on a single charge.

What We Don’t Like: A single USB port: Since the tablet is presented with very compact dimensions, it is quite normal that its shell can only accommodate a single USB port.

Fragile: The screen protection glass is very thin. You must be very careful to avoid breaking it.
Protective glass is really very thin and flush with the shell.
Expensive: quality always pays off. The purchase of Microsoft Surface Pro then requires a fairly substantial investment in terms of budget since it is offered at more than 1000$.

Lenovo YOGA 730-13IKB Convertible Touch Ultrabook

This 13-inch Yoga 730-131KB Ultrabook is one of the neatest models from the manufacturer Lenovo. You will certainly appreciate the elegance of its design, not to mention its performance. Indeed, this model embeds an Intel core i5 processor, an 8GB RAM as well as a new generation hard drive.

In addition, its battery promises an autonomy of 11.5 hours. Besides that, you no longer have to worry about the security of the data that is stored on your computer. The latter is already supplied with the Windows 10 operating system and its Windows Defender antivirus.

What We Like:  Light: It weighs only 1.12 kilos. It is then easy to bring it to class.
Touch screen: You don’t have to use the keyboard to work on your computer. You can only touch the screen with your fingers and it will act accordingly.
Ergonomic: It can be folded in 306 ° to facilitate the use of the touch screen.

What We Don’t Like: A single USB port: This laptop is only equipped with a single USB 3.0 port.
Expensive: If you want to get the Yoga 730-13IKB, you will have to have 800 euros and more in your wallet.

Why buy a laptop?

A laptop can do almost all of the functions of a desktop computer. But, it is more interesting to choose it if you are a student. First, it is not bulky and easily finds its place in a small corner in your home. A major asset if you live in a small student studio.

Also, it allows you to make big savings on your electricity consumption since it does not require a permanent connection to a source of electricity. You just need to charge it.

This done, you can work anywhere until its battery is discharged. Therefore, you do not have to work on your computer on a fixed place. You can work very well while enjoying the convenience of your bed, the fresh air in your garden, etc. Then, you also aren’t staying home to be able to use it.

The best laptops for accounting students

Are you looking for a PC for your next academic year? Having trouble finding the device you need? Between a Mac or a classic laptop, you do not know where to turn? To simplify your choice, count on our buying guide. This will prevent you from coming across models that do not correspond to the use you wish to make of them.

Best Laptops for Accounting Students

The different choices of laptops

Before buying your laptop, you will first need to know your needs and requirements. In all cases, there are 4 different types of laptops.

The traditional laptop

This type of laptop can be used in different situations: studies, work, office automation or the Internet. Neither tactile nor hybrid, they are not suitable for big gamers. The classic laptop, we find it in all the houses and in all the student bags. They are perfect for work or to connect to the internet. The Asus models are the most reliable on the market. But we also have a crush on Lenovo, HP or Dell.

The hybrid laptop

This type of PC allows it to be used either as a laptop or as a tablet. The screen will be able to detach from the keyboard so that you can make it a touch pad. It will work with a Windows operating system and keep a screen large enough to allow you to work quietly. Via this same operating system, there are various applications to make your laptop look like a digital tablet. The most popular devices are Microsoft Surface Pro hybrid PCs. Ultra-light, portable and autonomous, they will follow you during a whole day of lessons.

The touchscreen laptop

Best Laptops for Accounting Students


The touchscreen laptop is a range of new generation PCs. It is suitable for students and bureaucrats. What we appreciate with these models is that they do not require the use of a mouse. In addition, you can use them as a tablet. There are two things to remember: the screen that detaches and the screen that rotates 360 °.

The laptop for gaming

Although our guide talks about laptops for students, we know that there are quite a few people who take a game break during their free hours. To do this, you need a PC that adapts to games. Generally, they are equipped with a high-performance graphics card, an HD or 4K screen, an Intel core i7 processor and 6 to 16 GB of RAM memory.

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