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Caching elegance

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With cacheblocks you’ll be able to cache html/strings/arrays and object in information to your server. This may occasionally lower execution time and server load dramatically. With this script you simply could make your PHP scripts 50% quicker by way of caching SQL effects, large arrays or for instance HTML tables that comprise dynamic content material. This elegance can do caching in two manners.

The primary can be utilized to cache PHP arrays/gadgets and strings. This will for instance be used to cache large knowledge arrays from the database, so your database doesn’t wish to execute large SQL queries on each and every web page consult with.

The second one approach is caching knowledge between 2 issues. You get started caching on one level on your code and forestall it in a while within the code. All knowledge this is parsed to the browser between that get started and forestall level might be cached. This will for instance be used to cache html portions of your website online.


  • Cache PHP arrays/gadgets/strings
  • Cache HTML
  • Sooner website online loading
  • Set refresh each and every x seconds for every cached phase
  • Drop CPU usage

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