Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Colourful Calendar

Worth: 10$
Ranking: four.19

Colourful Calendar is a gorgeous approach to visualize the process for your weblog, day-to-day. Impressed within the calendar from Engadget, Colourful Calendar permits you to make a selection the process to measure in any mixture of posts, feedback and perspectives.

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You’ll be able to customise

  • The widget’s identify
  • What to measure and the load for each and every one of the vital components
  • The HTML categories for each and every cellular, so you’ll be able to customise the colour
  • Earn a living referring purchases to this widget, simply by marking one checkbox


  • Simple to setup
  • Absolutely customizable
  • Light-weight to your server– all of the database queries are cached, and you’ll be able to specify for what number of hours, disable it or transparent cache, any time you need
  • Integrates effectively with the Well-liked Posts Bar Widget!
  • Move-browser
  • XHTML and CSS legitimate

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