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Oled Gaming Monitors

The choice of a pc screen varies first according to its use, the budget you want to allocate for this purchase and the quality of the screen you want to buy. If you want to have a very good quality screen, and a large format, it will surely be quite expensive. And if you want a screen that is not very expensive, then it will be of lower quality. But before you make your choice and spend your money you have to make sure it is the right computer. Be aware that you can buy a very good screen with a very reasonable price if you choose a good time period to do so. Favor promotional periods (the end of the year for example), and products on promotion. You will be able to have a very good screen that is not expensive at all. So, let’s find out the criteria to follow to have a good pc screen.

Nowadays, everyone owns a computer and therefore uses a screen to display data, pictures, videos and other files from a computer’s mainframe. Among the PC screens currently available, we find the OLED models. Screens of this kind use Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology. This technology makes it possible to obtain a display which does not require a backlight as with LED models for example. Since there is no backlight, the screen consumes little energy.

In the meantime, it is a screen capable of displaying high-quality contrasts and can therefore reproduce natural blacks. Besides contrast, this kind of model can also provide vivid colors, perfect brightness and viewing angle up to 90 °. Following these advantages, the OLED screen becomes the favorite of gamers, professionals and various individuals. In order to allow you to keep up with the evolution of technology and to benefit from the advantages of this kind of screen, we have written this article, to help you choose an OLED PC screen and to help you use it.

oled gaming monitorOLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode

Currently, OLED technology is not yet widely used for professional screens. Unlike professional LCD or LED screens, OLED screens do not need backlighting. The diodes are sufficient on their own.

OLED screens are made of several layers of organic materials that illuminate using electrical voltage. The intensity of the current therefore regulates the brightness.

The Good: Low energy consumption
High level of contrast
Dynamic colors
Greater viewing angle
Very fast reaction time

The Bad: Shorter diode life
More expensive[/i2cons][/i2pc]

How to choose an OLED PC screen?

We can therefore fully use a computer, whether laptop or desktop, with a good OLED screen. However, not all OLED displays can satisfy you. You have to choose a quality monitor if you want to have a suitable screen to meet your needs. When you are looking to buy an OLED screen, especially when you are not an expert, it is difficult to find a good quality model.

At first glance, these monitors are almost all the same, as their designs are standard. We cannot therefore refer to the design when purchasing. The price is also difficult to pinpoint, as the screens offered are almost all sold at a standard price as well. Rather, the most important selection criteria are technical details such as response time, display frequency, brightness and contrast.

The response time of the OLED screen

The response time is very important when choosing an OLED screen, because it is this criterion which allows to obtain fluid and faster displays. It determines the response time from a black to black or gray to gray color. With good response time, displaying and switching from one color to another becomes fast and not jerky. This characteristic is represented in ms. In general, a quality OLED PC display should have a response time between 0.5ms to 5ms for perfect speed. Gamers can aim for a higher response time or alternatively use overdrive for more results.

The display frequency

If the response time calculates the speed of change from one color to another, the frequency guarantees the display of frames per second. This frequency is measured in Hz. For personal use, you need about a screen with a frequency of 60 Hz. For multimedia professionals or gamers, you should choose an OLED monitor with a frequency of up to 144 Hz for example. Depending on your needs, you must therefore choose a good frequency for the screen.

oled gaming monitorScreen brightness

Brightness is an important point when choosing an OLED PC screen. The latter is calculated in cd / m2. Good light is necessary for a dark room, but also for rooms with too much light. In low light, you may find it difficult to perceive what is displayed on your screen. If you want a good quality screen, choose a model with a brightness of around 250 or 400 cd / m2. Brightness must also be accompanied by good contrast.

Screen contrast

It is a criterion which measures the luminous intensity of the display. In principle, this concerns the ratio between a white point and a black point. To put it simply, in a contrast of 300: 1 for example, there are 300 times more white points than black points. As a result, the white point is therefore brighter than the black point. For office automation, you need a contrast of around 400: 1, for multimedia, you need a contrast of 1000: 1 for example. For gaming, it is better to choose a screen of 1500: 1 or even more.


Is the screen compatible with all computers?

As the name suggests, the PC touch screen is designed for use with a laptop. It is therefore compatible with all types of computers, and with all Windows systems. Just plug the display into the monitor’s HDMI port to use it.

Sometimes it happens that the monitor is plugged in, but it does not work. Usually this is due to a hardware issue, but it is not a compatibility issue. Check that your cable is good and well connected, as well as the ports that may be faulty.

Is the curved PC screen sturdy and reliable?

The fact that the screen is touch, gives the impression of not being strong enough. This question always comes up, and we will answer it. Touch screens are as tough as standard screens (which are not touch screens). They can be used for years without having a problem. You just need to protect it and maintained. You should avoid dropping them to the ground as much as possible, as this affects them. Over time, you may notice that their response time starts to get slow, this is quite normal. But you can still continue to use them.

How to react in case of screen failure?

This question remains rather vague since the failures are variable. For a knowledgeable person who is used to working on outages, he can try to fix it if the problem is simple. But if you don’t have any knowledge in the field, it is better to see a repairman as this will prevent you from making the situation worse.

You can still if everything is plugged in properly, and everything is properly powered. Sometimes the problem is very simple but you can’t see it.