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Genius Hub Evaluation | Relied on Evaluations


Constructed from scratch to ship true multi-room heating, Genius Hub is packed filled with wise touches and suave options that make controlling your own home’s temperature more uncomplicated and extra tough. A neat and suave app is helping make changes more uncomplicated, despite the fact that this can be a device that you just will have to be ready to get used to, tweaking to paintings the best way you need it. The loss of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant talents are a marginally disappointing (despite the fact that coming within the close to long term), however can’t take away the shine from what’s recently the most productive true multi-room heating device.


  • Extraordinarily versatile and will maintain a couple of heating varieties
  • Very quiet radiator valves
  • Movement sensors assist regulate prices


  • Higher for better houses
  • Recently no Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enhance
  • Reasonably fiddly app regulate for overriding temperatures

Key Specs

  • Evaluation Worth: £249.99
  • Multi-room heating
  • On/Off boiler regulate
  • Sizzling water regulate

There are many heating programs that allow you to upload person radiator controls on best of a central thermostat, however few programs designed for multi-room heating from the bottom up. The primary that involves thoughts is the Honeywell Evohome, despite the fact that the device is getting a bit of long-in-the-tooth and hasn’t had many updates not too long ago, which is the place the Genius Hub is available in.

Inbuilt the United Kingdom, Genius Hub is a multi-room device that doesn’t simply provide you with regulate over person radiators however can use wise movement sensors to extra correctly regulate when rooms are heated. As such, it’s probably the most tough heating device that I’ve reviewed.

There are a couple of spaces that want a bit of extra paintings, and a couple of the place a few interface tweaks would assist, however the Genius Hub remains to be an unbelievable heating device, very best for better homes.

Genius Hub – What you want to understand

  • Heating choices: On the subject of probably the most versatile heating device, in addition to radiator valves and movement zones, Warmth Genius can regulate just about each and every boiler sort or even electrical sizzling water.
  • Flexibility: Plenty of scheduling choices, whilst movement detectors turn out to be higher than geofencing
  • Efficiency: Works brilliantly, supplied you give the device time and tweak as you move alongside, and has one of the crucial quietest radiator valves.

Comparable: Very best wise thermostats

Genius Hub Design – Keep watch over as much as 30 zones, together with radiators, electrical heating and rainy underfloor heating

Genius Hub heating programs can get started lifestyles as a design at the web site, the place you spec out the elements that you want. The bottom device will have to have no less than one Genius Hub, which is able to regulate as much as 30 heating zones, and you’ll have a couple of Hubs if wanted. That’s a large step up from Evohome, which helps handiest 12 zones; for the ones with better houses or business homes, Genius Hub is the transparent winner.

Then, there’s the Electrical Transfer, which controls the boiler or any other form of heating supply. There’s recently no OpenTherm controller to modulate your boiler’s temperature, despite the fact that this isn’t any such downside with multi-room heating programs, because the power financial savings are more than with unmarried thermostats. You’ll purchase a starter package with room thermostat, boiler transfer and hub for £249.99, which compares favourably with a starter Evohome device.

The transfer can toggle your boiler (or different heating device) off and on

If you want sizzling water regulate, there’s a package for that, whole with temperature sensors to measure the real water temperature of saved water. Cleverly, the device can be utilized to regulate sizzling water pumped from the tank and an electrical immersion heater for whole regulate.

Genius Hub hot water tank

Sizzling water and immersion warmers will also be managed

Then, you want the heating elements, which for many rooms will include Genius Radiator Valves (£59.99 every). Every valve is in fact a Z-Wave Danfoss LC-13 Thermostatic Radiator Valve, which has new firmware on it, designed by means of Genius Hub. It’s a just right browsing valve, despite the fact that the loss of an articulated display, as with Evohome, implies that the display could also be arduous to peer with some radiator orientations: I had one towel radiator the place the valve used to be pointing down against the ground. Radiator valves are to be had in white, despite the fact that for £30 additional you’ll have them spray-painted to compare any fancy radiators that you may have in your house.

Genius Hub radiator valve close up

Radiator valves come labelled with the room they’re paired to

Genius Hub additionally helps rainy underfloor heating and electrical radiators, making it one of the crucial best-supported heating programs to be had.

In addition to heating gadgets, Genius Hub additionally helps movement sensors (£44.99), which can be utilized to locate occupancy in a room after which perform a little in reality suave issues. Generally, movement sensors paintings ideally suited in rooms that shall be incessantly inhabited, similar to dwelling rooms, eating rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Genius Hub motion controller next to light switch

Movement sensors are an excellent method to economize and handiest warmth rooms when required

You’ll additionally go for an exterior thermostat in every room to provide you with extra correct temperature sensor readings. As an example, in case you use the radiator valves at the back of furnishings they can provide out flawed readings and close your heating down too early.

Genius Hub Thermostat

Room thermostats are an effective way to get extra correct temperature readings

After all, Genius Hub sells wise plugs (£39.99), too, which additionally act as vary extenders for its Z-Wave sensors and radiator valves. Should you simply want the variety extending options, you’ll simply depart the wise plug on and use it as a regular plug socket.

As soon as a device is designed, and the elements ordered, all of them come pre-paired and labelled, so there’s much less of a task for a qualified installer to maintain. Genius Hub can deal with the pro set up for you, despite the fact that you’ll get your individual plumber in case you choose.

Regardless of the complexity of the device, Genius Hub can cope. My device is an S Plan, with an exterior boiler within the rental block dealing with warmth era for the heating and sizzling water tank, the latter of which additionally has an immersion heater. Genius Hub had all the vital elements to make the whole thing paintings in combination.

Genius Hub Options – Very tough scheduling however you want to commit a while to the device

As soon as your device’s put in, you’ll begin to arrange how the device works, this means that devoting a while to get the whole thing proper. Actually, it’s honest to mention that it’ll almost definitely take a few weeks to get the whole thing the best way you need it, which is beautiful usual for any device that’s extra sophisticated than a single-zone thermostat.

At its maximum simplistic, Genius Hub can paintings on a easy time table, with one time table in step with zone. Every zone will also be regarded as a room and will include a couple of heating gadgets, say two or extra radiators. Your time table merely permits you to set the setpoint temperature, and the way lengthy it will have to remaining for, say turning the heating up for your bed room so that you can wake, turning it down throughout the day, then again up once more for the night.

Should you’ve were given movement sensors, then there are a couple of neat methods. The primary is Footprint mode, which makes use of the sensors to locate occupancy, atmosphere a time table routinely by means of the usage of two weeks of information. It’s a transferring two weeks of information, in order your trend adjustments, so does the time table, a lot in the similar that the Nest Studying Thermostat adjusts to utilization.

It’s suave, however the brand new Sense mode is arguably even higher. It really works by means of atmosphere a time table as usual, however for every period of time, you’ll set whether or not the device will have to react to occupancy (movement). All through those sessions, if movement is detected, the heating is grew to become on; if there’s no movement, then the temperature drops all the way down to the default that you just set. You’ll additionally set time sessions the place the temperature is fastened without reference to occupancy.

Genius Hub schedule

Sense mode permits you to warmth a room handiest when it’s occupied

It makes numerous sense. As an example, in a bed room, you’ll pressure a temperature for in a single day, when a movement sensor would possibly not select up your motion as you sleep. All through the day, you’ll set your bed room to pick out up motion, in order that you handiest get warmth in that room while you’re in there. This offers with unpredictable patterns smartly, as rooms are set to return on handiest when wanted.

Cleverly, Sense permits you to make a choice how lengthy movement needs to be provide sooner than the heating is grew to become on, similar to 5 mins. That allows you to transfer right into a room and select one thing up with out turning the heating on straight away.

Likewise, you’ll set how lengthy after there’s no movement it takes till the heating is grew to become off. This implies you’ll depart a room quickly, and even take a seat nonetheless gazing TV with out getting chilly.

Sense mode is recently loose in beta, however it’s going to transfer right into a paid-for subscription carrier, which may also come with private fault diagnostics to your heating device, phone enhance after the preliminary loose three months, and get admission to to one of the crucial new options that we broaden at some point. As with Tado, the subscription price is there to enhance the product and to stay the associated fee down for brand spanking new consumers. The subscription carrier will release in Spring 2020.

For those who don’t wish to subscribe, Genius Hub will supply without cost the app and its updates, faraway regulate of your heating and the prevailing modes, together with Footprint.

Rooms can be managed manually, overriding the temperature. You’ll do that from the radiator valve itself, with the rise lasting for the duration set within the app, similar to one hour. You’ll additionally spice up from the app. The house display has an Override button that allows you to select a couple of zones to spice up, and right here you’ll override the default period to pick out your individual.

Choose any zone from the smart-looking app, and you’ll do the similar factor, despite the fact that it’s a bit of extra concerned, because the default view is the time table. Right here, you will have to choose the Override button (an icon with 3 chevrons), then make a choice the temperature, then the period. It could be neater if the time table had been hidden, and the present goal temperature used to be displayed, making it more uncomplicated to pick out a brand new temperature. The latter is how maximum programs maintain it, making it faster to dial up the temperature when you want it.

Genius Hub temperature override

Overriding temperatures is a bit more fiddly than it will have to be

Every zone has some suave methods, too. There’s an algorithmic Window Open instrument that detects when there’s a speedy temperature drop because of an open window and shuts down the radiator valve, so that you could no longer waste energy. There’s recently no option to disable this, despite the fact that turning off this mode to extend power utilization wouldn’t make numerous sense.

You’ll additionally flip at the Pre-heating atmosphere in every Zone’s configuration web page, which we could the heating get started early, so the temperature you place is reached on the time you’ve set (by means of default, a room begins to warmth on the time you place and will take some time to succeed in temperature). Genius Hub makes use of an exterior climate feed to determine how lengthy sooner than time the heating must be grew to become on. As all the time, those options paintings to a point, however on a chilly day that’s very sunny in a south-facing room, a room might warmth up faster than anticipated.

Genius Hub zone setup

You’ll configure how zones paintings within the complicated settings

Should you’ve were given a couple of gadgets in a room, then you’ll set the order or precedence for which one will have to be the grasp for temperature readings. By means of default, a room thermostat is the principle temperature sensor (when you’ve got one) however you’ll alternate the order of your gadgets.

In maximum regards, then, Genius Hub is extra tough than the rival Honeywell Evohome device is all however one regard: I nonetheless like Evohome’s Fast Movements, which allow you to temporarily alternate settings, similar to turning your heating to eco mode (turning all zones down by means of 3 levels) or customized mode (the place you’ll run a customized time table, similar to when visitors come to stick).

Genius Hub doesn’t recently have a geolocation function, despite the fact that you’ll manually flip off your heating from the app, or you’ll put in force a equivalent function the usage of IFTTT, which there’s enhance for. I’ve to mention, regardless that, when you’ve got movement sensors and Sense mode, geolocation makes lense sense anyway, as you’re more likely to handiest be heating the rooms that you just’re the usage of anyway.

Movement sensors can be used to regulate any wise plugs you’ve were given, turning them off and on routinely, similar to to activate a lamp as you stroll right into a room. You’ll set the sessions when you need this to occur, despite the fact that it will be great if it is advisable use softer limitations, similar to sundown and first light, relatively than set occasions. As such, the wise plugs are a neat function, however you may well be at an advantage, supplied you don’t want vary extension, with an alternate such because the Philips Hue Good Plug.

After all, when you’ve got sizzling water, you’ll set the time table you need. Genius Hub operates as greater than only a easy timer regulate, the usage of its built-in temperature sensors to allow you to set and measure your sizzling water tank. You’ll override the atmosphere at the boiler and activate an immersion heater for a suite duration, too.

Genius Hub heating schedule

Complete sizzling water regulate, together with temperatures and immersion warmers, is to be had

Genius Hub Efficiency – Very quiet and robust heating but it surely’s a disgrace there’s no Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant talents

After dwelling with Genius Hub for a couple of weeks I may see how tough it used to be. I ran in Sense mode and located that it in large part labored smartly, turning at the heating routinely when the device picked up movement, and keeping up temperatures at different occasions. The one factor that I had used to be that there have been a couple of occasions the place my front room movement sensor didn’t select up us transferring at the settee, turning the warmth off.

To be honest, throughout set up I used to be advised that the placement of the movement sensor will not be proper and that I might wish to transfer it. Should you get issues, chances are you’ll want to do the similar, or upload any other movement sensor into the combo.

Genius Hub motion sensor by light switch

You could wish to transfer your movement sensors in case your heating is shutting down early

I discovered the Danfoss radiator valves to be extraordinarily quiet – quieter than the identical Honeywell Evohome ones. The device takes some time to relax, because the valves be told the utmost and minimal pin positions of every valve, however as soon as accomplished, they’re tremendous quiet. If an overly quiet room, you’ll pay attention the whir of the motor but it surely’s one thing that you’ll simply get used to.

For probably the most phase, the app is in reality simple to make use of, despite the fact that as I discussed, it will be great if it had been just a little faster to set an override temperature.

A larger disgrace at the present time is that there’s recently no Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Talents. You’ll arrange IFTTT regulations to permit voice regulate of your device, but it surely’s no longer as tough as having a right kind Ability. I’ve been advised that those are being labored on, with Alexa in Beta and a last talent due for free up within the new 12 months – I’ll carry you an replace when it’s to be had.

Will have to you purchase the Genius Hub?

The nearest festival is the Honeywell Evohome, which controls a equivalent vary of gadgets. Evohome’s primary benefits are that it has right kind voice regulate and, by way of third-party integrations, you’ll upload it into Samsung Good Issues and Apple HomeKit (by way of a Homebridge server). Then again, its app hasn’t been modified in a very long time and is beginning to glance somewhat dated, and it lacks one of the crucial extra complicated options that Genius Hub has, together with movement sensors and Footprint and Sense modes.

Genius Hub is a much more tough device and is nearly limitless as to the choice of zones that you’ll have, and it’s been up to date way more not too long ago than Evohome and appears set to proceed getting higher. It’s somewhat pricey, specifically in case you upload in room sensors, however in case you’ve were given a bigger house and wish complete regulate over your heating, there’s not anything higher.

Folks with smaller houses shall be at an advantage with a single-zone thermostat, such because the Nest Studying Thermostat, or with some multi-room regulate by way of a Tado Good Thermostat. For other people with better houses, and even business homes, there’s not anything somewhat as tough as Genius Hub and it comes extremely really useful.


Constructed from scratch to ship true multi-room heating, Genius Hub is packed filled with wise touches and suave options that make controlling your own home’s temperature more uncomplicated and extra tough. A neat and suave app is helping make changes more uncomplicated, despite the fact that this can be a device that you just will have to be ready to get used to, tweaking to paintings the best way you need it. The loss of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant talents are a marginally disappointing (despite the fact that coming within the close to long term), however can’t take away the shine from what’s recently the most productive true multi-room heating device.

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