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HardwareLib is a .NET Library that provides a collection of purposes to get details about your akin to motherboard, CPU , RAM ,Graphics Card, Community Adapter, CD/DVD Drives and Arduous Drives…
You’ll get instrument main points (producer, fashion, serial quantity, Title…. and so forth)
HardwareLib use WMI to procure informations about put in Gadgets please see the screenshot

Easy methods to use

CPU Elegance
HardWareInfo.Cpu cpu = new Cpu(Cpu.CpusListzero);


HDD Elegance

To get extra details about walls you should utilize LogicalDisk elegance

       foreach (string str in Hdd.DrivesList)

            foreach (string str in LogicalDisk.LogicalDiskList)

Replace 27/04/2012:

  • Trojan horse Repair
  • Added Demo for GPU

Replace 6/03/2011:

  • Added IsProcessorFeaturePresent Serve as
  • Added IsMMXSupported Serve as
  • Added Is3DNowSupported Serve as
  • Added IsSSE3Supported Serve as
  • Added IsSSE2Supported serve as
  • Added IsSSESupported serve as

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