iPhone SE recently launched and iPhone SE price in Canada is $399. The first question arises here is that will this worth is in this price range. The answer is simply No. Big No, specially in this year 2020.

what iphone bring to the table in 2020 is that right Apple. The market leader the innovator in the space you bring the same thing over again. We get it look you’re coming in at 399 you got the aggressive pricing but is that really an excuse? Is that really the way to play it where’s the inspiration this thing can be fun. Shouldn’t it be fun shouldn’t we be inspired by a brand of your scale that has innovated so much.

To this point now the iphone lovers saying this is exactly what they want but you Apple you get to go to work every day. You get the opportunity to inspire if you want to you’ve got the bank role of Nations iPhone SE price in Canada $399. You could have made anything this could have been a small form-factor like this device.

Screen Size:

The screen size here we get is just 4.7inch. But you could have put a bigger screen on it. Did you really have to re-release the exact same form factor. A bit of a slap in the face to these customers who have been so loyal to you when do you ever reach into your own pocket and say yeah we’re gonna do both we’re gonna knock it.

iPhone SE price in Canada | Is it worth it in 2020? 3

Completely out of the park, we’re gonna give you the budget cost that you’re looking for but we’re also gonna give you a completely fresh look. Because we can got tons of thousands of the most talented people in the world working in iphone factory. You could have done that with this device. Here and why are so many people giving you a pass. Why everybody’s saying this is the best thing to ever happen, this is amazing Apple they’ve got the hottest new processor iPhone 11 chip inside of a iPhone SE price in Canada $399 device.

Why do we have to watch that, so iphone got a fan base so you built an ecosystem but does that mean you can call it in. Does that mean you could tell the teacher that the dog ate the homework and that your budget phone is really just your old phone. Over again on all the other youngsters and upstarts and new brands that are so aggressive and hungry.

iPhone SE Cases

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Bezels and over-all look:

They have to eliminate those bezels and one-up each other on the number of camera units and they have to do that in the Android space. Every single price point whether it’s a thousand dollars or whether it’s four hundred dollars or iPhone SE price in Canada $399. Iphone thinks just because you got the fancy packaging you think that it’s. Just add some gloss it over the fact that we just bought the same thing again three years later. Four years later who even knows means that this thing kind of still looks like the iPhone 6. If you really think about it because the 7 wasn’t all that different than the 6.

But you tell us you’re designed by Apple in California so you tell me you got people in California so that should be all. Right I got the fancy packaging maybe we are paying for the packaging. I don’t know what’s painful look at this thing look at this puny little. Just tell us in 2020 we are watching any videos on something this time. iPhone SE price in Canada $399. Forget about laptops and desktops most of the world’s primary communication devices. This thing right here what’s gonna happen to the productivity when everything just shrunk down to 20 to 16 levels.

Screen Resolution and charger:

We don’t even know what even is the resolution (1334 x 750) of this display. Tell us that in 2020 you’re shipping a phone any phone we don’t care iPhone SE price in Canada $399.

You’re shipping a phone with a power brick/charger that’s five watts. So, we can charge my phone in a day. No quick charge here it’s still $399. Am we right it’s still iPhone SE price in Canada $399 you got the earpods in there with the Lightning connector but then again what I’m looking at the Android side particularly. In the budget price point you know what’s still important to people at that price point.

Headphone jack:

Headphone jacks and they do still exist at that value proposition and don’t get me started on the proprietary connector in general. We’re still doing lightning we’re still at lightning right now in 2020.

iPhone SE price in Canada
We got us BC on everything we got one charger to rule them all for all our other gadgets. But over here I still need a proprietary cable and God knows if you’re ever going to embrace the universal solution which is type C everywhere else but that’s just part of being in the ecosystem. We just got to get used to the idea special cables we get used to the idea 5 watt power bricks in the box. You can’t get a better power brick you just got to buy it you.


Single camera unit when’s the last time you saw that what year was that in 2013 we think but you have the fast processor now. And you have the computational stuff so it’s gonna improve the photo so much but again. Why not go above and beyond by the way it’s impossible you can’t throw a wide angle on there you can’t cannibalize the sales of your premium stuff. We get it you really want the thousand dollar sale but you couldn’t convince everybody they said alright fine. We’ll give you iPhone SE price in Canada $399 we’ll let you guys have a budget iPhone so we’re gonna give you the iPhone from three years ago.

iPhone SE price in Canada | Is it worth it in 2020? 4

Well upgrade the inside but iphone thinks that you’re gonna put your designers back again and gonna draw something new. We’re gonna take all that machinery and redo it all over again huh you crazy for iPhone SE price in Canada $399. We’ll wake up in the morning for $399 and you’re gonna enjoy that old phone all right you’re gonna enjoy those leftovers because you can’t afford to eat in this restaurant.

You’re second-rate even by our standards we’re gonna give you the old phone over again. Look at this display in 20/20 okay all right that forehead and that chin compared to the other stuff that shows in market. Which feels like it’s at least pushing. Means that this is technology after all isn’t it. Progress that’s a part of it pushing the envelope trying taking Chances where were the chances what chances were.

We personally got into technology because we found it inspiring all these fresh ideas executed through engineering into physical things. That you can hold that you never expected, this didn’t exceed any expectations. This is the epitome of meeting and expectation but nah it’s Apple give them a pass they got the ecosystem. We consider an Android device no because we couldn’t do that we gotta have my FaceTime no I couldn’t do that I couldn’t risk being cast out of this social group.  We couldn’t risk becoming a second-class Android citizen. So because of this you can iPhone SE price in Canada $399.

Let us tell that that kind of people you what you could and you might be better off for it this this phone is embarrassing it’s embarrassing for a brand at the scale of Apple. It’s embarrassing for a brand that has been so influential and inspirational who has in the past exceeded our expectations many times. So many people are trapped inside the Apple universe that they’re blind to what’s going on outside.

And we tell you there are exciting things going on outside. All you have to do is check the market to see all the various implementations and strategies that Android makers are taking. Because they exist in a universe that’s competitive, they exist in a universe where you’re not trapped on their hardware. You can bounce around and move around and so they got to compete for real. iPhone SE price in Canada $399. There’s tremendous mobility among Android users where if one year your brand that you’re currently with.

Doesn’t deliver what you’re looking for you can move and you can pick up whichever messaging app you choose from the company. That brought you the original iPhone from the company that allowed you to touch the display of your smartphone. In a way we had never done before and we understand it’s difficult to do that over and over and over again it’s impossible. But you definitely don’t need to release the exact same device from years ago and rub it in people’s faces. And be on that old thing you’ll be trapped on that thing forever spend the next 20 years. We’ll do a budget phone yeah no problem we’ll do a budget phone it’s gonna be the old phone again. Remember the price of the iPhone SE price in Canada is $399.

iPhone SE Comparison

iPhone SE price in Canada


Now our designers are too expensive you can’t afford those designers they stay in a special room they stay in a special room to get in that room. Thousand dollars minimum thousand dollars that’s not good enough the biggest brand. What’s there what’s the value of Apple, how many employee it’s not enough Apple could be pumping out something at iPhone SE price in Canada $399. Just tell us why can’t his phone be exactly this form factor for everybody who wants a nice slim and trim device. Well why can’t it be this form factor but have the display extend. Why couldn’t that happen is that impossible for a brand new scale of Apple. We guess it’s impossible it’s too much task iPhone SE price in Canada $399.

Are you crazy how could he do it for iPhone SE price in Canada $399 we don’t know the biggest brand in the world. How could he do it you’re reading about iphone because you want to be inspired. Because you remember your first interactions with technology and how it made. You feel on how it made you look into the future in a way that you hadn’t before. Interact with these products for those small science fiction moments where you’re in amazement of what humans were capable of. Creating this is not one of those moments. Let’s call this product what it is this is a boring product.

Apple fans are not doing enough to push this company they’re voting to stay locked. In they’re voting to stay trapped and they’re voting to buy hardware from three or four years ago. And if those fans don’t exercise their mobility in the smartphone market place. By choosing other brands every so often then they only encourage the exact same thing to happen over again. If Apple’s flagship devices up until this point
haven’t been compelling to you. If you’ve been putting off upgrading your smartphone even if you’re currently inside of the Apple ecosystem. This iPhone SE price in Canada $399 is not worth it. Now is the time to get some guts step outside and experiment with something else. Don’t accept this design over again. Check out android don’t buy the iPhone SE.

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