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jQuery Shining Symbol

Worth: nine$
Score: four.69

jQuery Shining Symbol is an HTML5 jQuery plugin that upload an animated shining impact on your pictures.

This plugin use canvas part, and is appropriate with all pc and mobiles fashionable browsers. For the others, the picture assists in keeping its default static glance.

  • Very simple to make use of : $(‘img’).shiningImage()
  • Many choices to customise the impact
  • Can be utilized with lightbox, the usage of onComplete Tournament
  • The shining symbol assists in keeping the default taste and sophistication.
  • The shining symbol assists in keeping authentic symbol click on, mouseover, mouseout, mouseup and mousedown occasions
  • Compatibility : IE9+ , Firefox four+ , Google Chrome 11+, Opera 10.6+, Safari three.2+

Plugin parameters record :

  • colour : Units the impact colour
  • lengthen : Units the lengthen between every shine impact
  • course : Units the impact course. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • onComplete : Execute this serve as after plugin initialisation
  • onLoopComplete : Execute this serve as after every shine impact
  • opacity : Units the impact opacity
  • playOnLoad : Robotically get started impact or no longer
  • scale : Units the impact scale. 1 = 30% of symbol width or top
  • velocity : Units the impact velocity in ms


  • .information(‘shiningImage’).shine() : Get started shine impact
  • .information(‘shiningImage’).stopshine() : Prevent shine impact


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