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For more comfort in using your laptop or desktop, nothing better than a wireless keyboard. With innovative and very interesting features, this type of keyboard offers various advantages to users. However, faced with the wide variety of wireless keyboards now available on the market, making an appropriate choice can sometimes prove problematic. For that, it is important for you not only to know more about this essential accessory, but also to define your needs and expectations.

Why a wireless keyboard?

As its name suggests, the wireless keyboard does not have a connecting wire and can therefore be connected directly to a laptop or desktop computer via Wifi or Bluetooth. This type of keyboard has various advantages, the main one being that it is very practical and that it offers great comfort of use. Indeed, unlike the wired keyboard which requires you to be always very close to your PC to be able to work, you can move the wireless keyboard and control your computer from a distance. So, you can sit comfortably on your sofa while working on your PC. Moreover, apart from its great practicality, the wireless keyboard is very easy to install.

Best Keyboard for Typing Fast Best keyboard for programming | Mini wireless keyboard with touchpadThe different types of models

We can distinguish several types of keyboards. Here’s what sets them apart:

The wireless keyboard: it is also called the Bluetooth keyboard. The connection with the computer is made via a Bluetooth or infra-red connection.

Multimedia keyboard: this type of keyboard has shortcut keys facilitating access to many functions such as listening to audio, viewing video or photos, sending e-mail, browsing the Internet, etc. A simple press usually sufficient to activate the desired function.

The ergonomic keyboard: it aims to improve user productivity and ease of use. It is often divided into 2 distinct parts to perfect the position of the hands and fingers.

The mini keyboard: on average, the mini wireless keyboard consists of 92 keys. It can be used with a mobile device such as a touch pad, an organizer or a PDA.

The foldable keyboard: often made of silicone, it is intended for mobile users. It also saves a lot of space.

The flexible keyboard: of normal size, it has the advantage of being relatively waterproof and very flexible. Space-saving, you can take it everywhere. Its greatest asset is that it is ultra thin, so you can roll it easily.

The virtual keyboard: it is rather a software which is generally used in the Microsoft Windows environment. It can be displayed using a stylus, the tip of a finger if you are working on a touch screen or using a mouse.

How to choose your wireless keyboard?

In order to be able to acquire a wireless keyboard that meets all your expectations, you must take several criteria into consideration before making your choice on a given model. Elements such as design, keys, functions and shortcuts as well as accessories will be taken into account here:

The keyboard designs

Even if it is not necessarily the most imposing criterion, the design of a keyboard has several elements of great importance. One of those things is size. It is essential for ease of use to choose a keyboard whose size fits perfectly to the workspace you have available. Apart from the size, you should also take into account the adjustable inclination of the wireless keyboard to ensure optimal typing comfort. The material from which the keyboard is designed is the final item to consider here. It can be either plastic, aluminum or waterproof silicone. Keyboards made with the latter material are able to wrap around themselves, making them ideal for people who are a little too clumsy.

Keyboard keys

The ergonomics of a keyboard largely depend on the keys that compose it, it is important that these are well spaced, pleasant to type and have a large size, especially for people with large fingers. To ensure the ergonomics of your keyboard, you must therefore take the time to check the location of the keys, in particular that of the “CRTL” key which should normally be located in the lower left corner of your keyboard. As for the “Return” or “Enter” keys, make sure they are wider than the regular keys.

Logitech craft bluetooth backlit keyboardKeyboard functions and shortcuts

While some users will opt for models of wireless keyboards of great simplicity, others on the other hand will set their sights on keyboards with multiple functions such as touch pads, keyboard shortcuts or even buttons such as a knob for volume. In case you want to purchase a simple wireless keyboard model, take the time to verify the presence of the necessary dedicated numeric keypad.

The accessories

Considered as details for some, wireless keyboard accessories are of great importance to others. Here, it is recommended to check that the chosen keyboard is equipped with a sound card and that it offers the possibility of connecting a headset and / or a microphone. Some models also offer an LCD screen on which the various machine health parameters are displayed as well as various other elements that you can configure in your own way.

Criteria to be taken into account when choosing and purchasing

Before any purchase of a wireless keyboard, criteria such as practicality, programmable buttons or even the price must be taken into account for a suitable choice.


If you have to spend most of the day with your fingers on the keyboard, it is important that it is in the best possible condition. To do this, you have to pay attention to various elements such as typing, silence as well as keyboard gadgets.

The strike

To work in good conditions, you must make sure that the typing of the chosen keyboard is very light. For this, it is advisable to opt for a wireless keyboard with the keys as flat as possible. This will prevent you from having to press hard before seeing your actions on the computer screen.

The silence

To avoid having to hear shoe noises every time you press a key, take the time to verify that the keys on the selected keyboard are silent. This is mostly specified in the datasheet. On the other hand, the main advantage of a silent keyboard is that it most often requires light key pressure and is generally flat.


Some keyboards come with various gadgets such as LCD screens that display MSN alerts, music playing, or RAM or CPU usage. You can also opt for an OLED wireless keyboard which allows you to display images on the various keyboard keys. This type of keyboard is not only very aesthetic, but also very practical.

Also, for easier and easier typing, make sure that you can elevate the front of the chosen keyboard. Also, take care to choose a keyboard whose surface does not reflect light.

Programmable buttons

Best keyboard for programming | Mini wireless keyboard with touchpadIf you want to be able to pause a current playing track, put a link to the opening of his email or his browser, the programmable buttons on a wireless keyboard will be of great use to you. For quick access, choose models with conveniently placed programmable buttons.

The price

The price of the wireless keyboard is also one of the criteria that should be taken into account. It varies depending on the model and also the various features that the wireless keyboard you choose has. The price of a wireless keyboard can thus reach two hundred Dollar, if you opt for a model with many features and gadgets.


The keyboard pc is a peripheral that should not be neglected. It is indeed the important link between the user and his computer. Knowing how to choose your computer keyboard allows, among other things, to gain in terms of comfort and efficiency. With all the information we have provided in this buying guide, all you have to do is search for your ideal model.