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Knowledge Validation magnificence

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The important thing to a strong and protected software or website online is knowledge validation. Validating such things as e-mail addresses, numbers, and different knowledge can also be very time eating and upload numerous additional traces of code in your website online if you wish to do it the proper method. This magnificence could make the knowledge validation a part of website online construction so much more uncomplicated.

This magnificence is really easy to make use of. As a result of all of the strategies are static they’re sooner and callable with out instantiating the category. This may say that you simply most effective want to come with the PHP document for your code and do the validations like underneath. The process returns a boolean (true when it’s legitimate, false when invalid). To turn you some examples:

Electronic mail validation:

if(!Validator::Electronic mail("wim(at)"))

Electronic mail validation and don’t settle for addresses that finish with or

if(!Validator::Electronic mail("wim(at)", array("", "")))

Test if a host is between 20 and 50:

if(!Validator::Quantity(35, 50, 20))

Test if a person is older than 18:

if(!Validator::OlderThan("1966-2-Five", 17))


  • Electronic mail
  • Url
  • IP
  • Telephone numbers
  • Quantity (additional parameter to test if the quantity is between min and max)
  • Unsigned Quantity
  • Waft
  • Alpha
  • Alpha numeric
  • String duration is between min and max characters
  • Hexcolor
  • Date
  • Test if any individual born on date x is older than x years
  • Legitimate XML
  • Filesize between min and max bytes
  • Symbol dimensions between width is beween min and max and/or top is between min and max pixels



  • Added chars validation
  • Mounted Alpha way typo


  • Added phone quantity validation
  • Mounted unsuitable pictures :)

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