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Kobo Clara HD evaluate: An ideal compact e-reader

What’s the Kobo Clara HD?

Amazon’s place of dominance on the most sensible of the e-reader marketplace is apparent to peer. However a couple of competition stay, churning out gadgets that they hope will compete with the Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis and Voyage.

The Kobo Clara HD prices the similar because the Kindle Paperwhite, which immediately makes it a difficult promote. On the other hand, its compact construct does warrant investigation.

Kobo Clara HD – Design

Whilst pricier e-readers, such because the Kindle’s £249 Oasis, have tried to be slightly extra thrilling with their designs, the bulk have caught to a relatively generic blueprint. The Kobo Clara HD hardly strays from the predictable – apart from in spaces it almost definitely shouldn’t.

This can be a relatively same old black plastic rectangle, with a micro-USB port for energy and a squishy energy button flanking it. The display screen is recessed into the frame and there’s a definite loss of page-turning buttons.

At the entrance, the design is set as generic as you’ll get. Turn it over, on the other hand, and also you’ll see precisely why Kobo shouldn’t have veered from the ‘secure’.

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The rear is a unusual textured plastic that each appears and feels terrible. It turns into greasy and sweaty on being held for lengthy classes, plus the development itself is solely abnormal. It lacks the grip and sturdiness of the rubbery matte plastic of the Paperwhite, and even the inexpensive Kindle, and feels find it irresistible would pop off if the instrument had been by accident dropped onto the ground.

The Clara HD additionally lacks any type of waterproofing, which till the most recent technology of the Kindle Oasis was once one in every of Kobo’s distinctive options. Upload an IP ranking right here and it will immediately be offering one thing that the in a similar way priced Kindles are missing.

What the Clara HD does have over the Paperwhite is its dimension. This is without doubt one of the maximum compact e-readers round, and it’s dinky sufficient to conveniently slip inside of my coat pocket. It’s about as tall as a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, just a lot wider, and it’s super-light at simply 166g. I may conveniently hang the instrument one-handed for a two-hour teach adventure – one thing that isn’t really easy to do with the bulkier Kindle.

Kobo Clara HD – Display screen

The design of the Kobo Clara HD may well be atypical, however a minimum of the display screen is a excitement to learn on. The 300ppi, 6-inch Carta E Ink display screen suits the Kindle Paperwhite for specifications and for high quality too. Textual content appears crisp, and because that is an E Ink show, there’s no possibility of struggling eye-strain such as you do if studying for hours on an LCD.

On the other hand, the truth that it’s an E Ink panel additionally way it isn’t naturally backlit. As an alternative, it includes a front-light gadget that brightens the show and makes it imaginable to learn at the hours of darkness.

The lights gadget within the Clara HD is just right – it’s lightly unfold around the show and will move each truly mild and truly darkish. There’s no auto-brightness, so that you’ll have to change that manually, however this isn’t a function you’d in most cases be expecting on an e-reader at this worth.

One helpful addition is the ‘Herbal Mild’ environment. This turns the display screen an orange hue to make it even more uncomplicated to learn at evening. The orange color is meant to be higher and kinder at the eyes proper ahead of bedtime – and I feel it does make a large distinction. You’ll be able to customize the depth of the color or even time table it to routinely come on each evening.

Kobo Clara HD – Tool, Efficiency and Battery Lifestyles

Kobo’s tool is similar throughout its complete e-reader lineup, and there are bits I really like and others that I don’t.

Take Pocket integration, as an example. Gaining access to the implausible read-it-later provider on an e-reader way I will simply save on-line articles from Chrome on my MacBook within the wisdom that they’ll be looking ahead to me to learn on my go back and forth.

I additionally recognize that I will simply load EPUB recordsdata onto the Clara HD with out faffing with PC tool. Now not simplest does this imply you’re now not limited to shopping for books simplest from Kobo, however it lets in get right of entry to to library condominium schemes too. This simply isn’t simply imaginable with the locked-down Kindle.

Total, the UI is relatively easy. Navigating across the retailer and setting up your books into collections is simple and intuitive. There are 11 fonts to choose between, all with dimension choices, and to hand extras similar to a integrated dictionary and social community sharing.

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It’s only a disgrace then that navigating the interface can ceaselessly be gradual and plodding, particularly whilst you’re looking to faucet one of the implausible tiny motion buttons. More than one occasions I used to be attempting to go into the Herbal Mild mode and it simply wouldn’t sign in my press, regardless of how exhausting I attempted.

You’ll additionally must are living with the truth that Kobo’s retailer simply can’t fit Amazon’s for high quality. In fact, you’ll have get right of entry to to all of the bestsellers, however I discovered Kobo didn’t be offering any place close to the quantity that Amazon does, plus you’re lacking all the ones Kindle exclusives via smaller authors. There’s additionally not anything very similar to Top Studying or Kindle Limitless – two options that have a tendency to inspire me to learn much more when I’ve a Kindle.

There’s no 4G/3G possibility with the Clara HD, so that you’re caught with Wi-Fi. Downloading books was once lovely swift, despite the fact that, and you’ll in fact plug the instrument into your pc and switch recordsdata that approach.

Battery existence is at all times exhausting to pass judgement on on an e-reader, most commonly as a result of it will probably range extensively relying on how a lot you learn. All over my week with the instrument, which concerned about 45 mins of studying an afternoon, the battery went down from 50% to 20%. That turns out to correlate with Kobo’s declare that you simply’ll get weeks with no need to rate.

Why purchase the Kobo Clara HD?

It isn’t flashy or thrilling, and nor does it do the rest specifically new. On the other hand, the compact construct of the Kobo Clara HD way it isn’t totally with out advantage.

It sort of feels quite overpriced at £109.99 and I’d suggest the Kindle Paperwhite over it. The Clara HD is for individuals who truly don’t need to be locked into the Amazon ecosystem; in my view, this isn’t a topic for me.


A wonderfully serviceable e-reader that’s simplest standout function is its compact dimension.