To choose the right gaming PC, you have to choose a configuration by combining components, according to the desired performance and budget. However, it should be noted that the prices of PCs are constantly falling: this is the result of the constantly improved miniaturization of components. At the same time, the minimum configurations required by recent games are constantly increasing. Faced with these developments, it’s up to you to choose a PC that is suited to your video game requirements, if possible, for several years. Well configured, a gaming PC high-end will be able to run recent action games with the maximum settings for 2 to 3 years, beyond which it will be necessary to replace its graphics card and add RAM. Faced with these moving data, we are not going to give absolute values ​​to advise components (except the screen, whose characteristics remain fairly stable).

To find out which type of processor, graphics card or RAM memory is exactly right for your needs, we recommend that you instead consult the minimum requirements of the games you want to run on the publisher’s sites.  We can dive deeper into this below with more details into these things if you aren’t familiar with these terms.

What is a Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop PC is a type of laptop designed for video gaming activities. It offers other uses such as browsing the Internet, managing and saving files, and video editing, but it is primarily intended for video games.

From a component point of view, this type of computer hardware is no different from traditional laptops. Its specificity is in terms of ergonomics, power and cooling capacity: essential elements to be able to play games with impressive graphics.

On the other hand, the battery of this type of laptop PC tends to drain faster, because playing video games is an extremely demanding activity that mobilizes all the capacities of a PC. In addition, laptops for gamers are distinguished by their design and colors.

What format for my gaming laptop?

In terms of gaming laptops, manufacturers offer models in formats ranging from 13 to 18 ”. Recently, however, we have seen a focus on 14 ”for the most nomadic machines, a fairly substantial offer in 15” and the bulk of the market is made on the very classic 17 ”format. This is quite logical since it is a format, certainly bulky and at the limit of the transportable, which allows to fit a comfortable diagonal screen and to take care of the cooling while leaving room to fit a maximum of high-end components, video games being obviously synonymous with performance.

What type of chassis to choose?

This is the first point that will make it possible to differentiate the models. A good chassis must present well, use quality materials, show real care taken in assembly and reassure the solidity of the machine. It must also be designed around an efficient cooling system (to avoid throttling and maximize performance), and showcase a rich and varied connection (enough USB ports, an HDMI to play on a larger screen or a TV, possibly an RJ45 for the network, etc.). This is obviously a headache for manufacturers who want to be able to offer ever more beautiful and thin machines, but who have to deal with the thermal constraints of components with high TDP. 

best gaming laptops under 1500Our advice for the configuration

It is as much a question of budget as of playful ambitions. The best-equipped PCs and the most able to run the latest badly optimized hits without a hitch are necessarily the most expensive. We can now consider that to play, it is better to stop at least your choice on a PC equipped with a Core i5, a GTX 1050 Ti (a slightly boosted redesign and more finely engraved of the Pascal GPU of the 1050 of origin), 8 GB of RAM and a fairly large hard drive. The GTX 1650 or 1660 Ti offer more flexibility in the settings and support in good conditions most of the greedy games thoroughly, in 1080p, which is a guarantee of durability. Above, obviously, there is no more concession to be made. In addition to the essential SSD, bet on the Max-Q design of the fastest graphics cards from Nvidia from the Turing generation,

Which screen for my gaming laptop?

We have here the choice between several finishes, definitions and technologies of tiles. We recommend that if possible, preference is given to slabs with a mat coating, to avoid reflections. Most gaming PCs use IPS panels, which have the advantage of offering accurate colors and good viewing angles, but perfectible contrast. The most common definition is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), which offers a good compromise between display finesse and necessary graphics resources. Most are content with a frequency of 60 Hz, even if some models adopt 75 or even 120 Hz panels. Finally, having a screen supporting Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive refresh technology is a plus for fluidity.

In addition to the screen size, if possible, above 24 inches for a desktop PC and 17 inches for a laptop PC, take a good look at the refresh rate: it is calculated in Hertz and determines the responsiveness of the screen. A screen above 75 or 100 hertz helps to avoid a jerky impression when there are a lot of enemies on the screen in an FPS. Consider a 120Hz or 144Hz display if you want the best. You then have to choose between a matte or glossy screen, with HD, full HD or even 4K resolution for the latest generation screens. When choosing a screen for gaming, remember that it is a peripheral that loses less value over the years than other components, and that you can reuse it with your next PC.

Power or autonomy, you have to choose

We would all like to be able to walk around with a light, compact, silent, comfortable and autonomous mobile gaming station, but life is made of compromises and when it comes to gaming PCs, transportability and autonomy often have to be sacrificed. We will thus bring as much importance to the size of the external power supply unit that we will have to deal with as the real autonomy of a machine which, most of the time, is anyway too cumbersome to be used. knees and has a good chance of being near a power outlet at all times. On the monsters that are the gaming PCs, do not generally hope to exceed the 3 to 4 hours of autonomy in surfing, and the 1 to 2 hours of autonomy in play.

Keyboard and touchpad

Device makers go to such lengths to design responsive, comfortable, and option-packed gaming keyboards that having to stuff yourself a boat chiclet keyboard on a laptop is tough. Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction and we see some manufacturers pushing harder on this level, beyond the cool but gimmicky backlighting. In addition to improved typing, we even sometimes see macro keys hatch on layouts. In short, check the quality and functions of the keyboard and touchpad before purchasing.

Best laptops with backlit keyboards best gaming laptops under 1500


Best laptops with backlit keyboards best gaming laptops under 1500The graphics card

C ‘ is the key component of Gaming PC. It determines the resolution and quality of the images that will be displayed on the screen. First-person shooters and sports games (soccer, basketball, running) put her to the test. Two chip manufacturers share the market, ATI and NVidia, and their price ranges from 150 to almost 400 euros for a high-end gaming graphics card.

The processor

This is the brain of your PC. It conditions the computing power, also essential so that the games run without slowing down. To choose it, you have to look at the clock frequency which is measured in Giga Hertz, as well as the number of cores, which can be 2, 4, or more rarely 6.


RAM is used to temporarily store the data needed to run software and video games. Measured in gigabytes, it should be high enough to run the most recent games.  

This component of a computer comes in the form of a strip that can contain files up to 1 GB and even more. From the start, make sure that there is sufficient RAM capacity. If you do not have enough then it could slow down the functioning of the PC. In addition, it is not possible to add more in most cases.

The hard drive

It is the memory of your PC. It is used to store software and multimedia files. Video games are more and more greedy in disk space: it is therefore a component not to be neglected, even if it is less important than the graphics card or the processor. Opt for an SSD type hard drive for better execution speed.

What accessories to complete my gaming PC

There are plenty of accessories that can complement your experience, enhance gaming immersion, or give you that little hundredth of a second head start that lets you beat your opponents in online shooting games. In particular, multiplayer FPS fans know the importance of a gaming mouse. These little concentrates of technology offer unparalleled responsiveness and give you on-screen precision essential for strategy games or first-person shooters. In addition, they are equipped with many buttons that reduce the need to use the keyboard for basic actions.

There are also gamer keyboards, with shortcuts and a design suitable for video game fans. Controllers are an investment worth considering for sports, racing or fighting games. Finally, headsets, wired or wireless, allow an incomparable immersion in the world of your favorite video games.

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