Using a computer is essential in everyday life, whether for work, for study, for shopping or just for entertainment. However, there is a wide variety of models and some are not accessible to all budgets. To remedy this, one is often tempted to buy a cheap laptop, but in this case the risk of acquiring a disappointing model is very high. However, it is possible to find very satisfying products even if they are not expensive.

Although laptops seem to be monopolizing the market, laptops remain very popular with both individuals and professionals. How to buy a better value laptop? It is now possible to find inexpensive laptops, but with excellent performance. However, there are essential purchasing criteria to remember.

RAM (random access memory)

best laptops for video game design best notebook laptopsLike any purchase of a PC, expensive or less expensive, desktop or laptop, you must inevitably go through the RAM box. To get the performance you need for your intended use, it is important to choose the capacity of the RAM. In particular, this can avoid any inconvenience related to the slowness of your computer. If you want, for example, to buy a laptop for office use, 4 GB of RAM may already be sufficient, but you can always go for a higher capacity.

Besides, there are also different types of RAM that you should be aware of, just to mention DDR3 and DDR4. If you’re worried about getting lost in the details, don’t hesitate to ask your dealer for advice.

The graphics card (GPU)

The GPU is also one of the components to analyze and which we will also cover in this buying guide for the best cheap laptops. What should be remembered about this element?

The GPU can be defined as a computer expansion card responsible for producing images on the screen. Therefore, the more efficient this graphics circuit, the better the image quality. When we have a small budget, we are often afraid of not finding a laptop PC with a dedicated memory GPU that meets our expectations. That said, we must not lose hope, because there are laptops equipped with this type of graphics card and which nevertheless remain accessible.

The processor (CPU)

Best laptop for gaming and 3d modeling best notebook laptopsBeing the very brain of the machine, the choice of processor remains important. To define the capacity of the PC to perform one or more tasks at the same time, it is necessary to refer to the number of cores. This will be chosen according to your needs and the intended use. A standard processor, for example, has a core and can therefore only respond to one request at a time. However, the cores are not the only indications of the potency of this component. It is best to focus your research on AMD processors if you aspire to better value for money.

Laptop size

For simple tasks or browsing the Internet, a 12-inch laptop PC can already do the trick. On the other hand, for office and multimedia use, you may need a laptop between 13 and 15 inches. Beyond that, you have to review your budget a little bit.   The 15 inch consumer models are thebest in terms of price and value for your dollar.  The smaller models are lighter and more tightly packed so the costs are generally higher.  

As for the amount to be expected, it is preferable to go through a price comparison to avoid any bad surprises. And finally, you can settle on the question of where to buy a new cheap laptop.  There are many places to get the best deals.  The best way to compare these models is a quick google search and comparing them on review bases.  We are here to save you the most time and help you decide.   Take a look at our other articles  on the main page.

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