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Level Of Hobby (POI) Auto Map

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Ranking: four.32

Create Location Mindful Websites In Mins

Poi Auto Map combines the ability of Google’s Maps and Puts APIs to provide
you a easy manner so as to add extremely interactive Level of Hobby maps for your
web page. All you want to do is outline a beginning deal with and a listing of level
of hobby classes and POI Auto Map does the remaining. Transfer the map and watch
the issues replace. You’ll be able to additionally outline a database connection from which to
supply your POI issues. That is the most important replace but in each options and function.

Works smartly in any web page as an upload on or as a mobile / contact web page by itself.

See a living proof right here:

See a operating mobile / geolocation instance right here:

New In Model five.2.five (23/10/2013):

  • Database Import / Export The usage of CSV record layout – obtain & edit your databse information
  • Position Seek Now comprises auto entire
  • Computerized Menu CSS advent in keeping with classes
  • Higher comments for 0 effects from puts API
  • Minor Interface Enhancements

New In Model five.2 (10/1/2013):

  • Approach to come with Google Puts Picture in InfoWindow (Marker Bubble)
  • Approach to come with Google Puts Scores in InfoWindow (Marker Bubble)
  • Stepped forward InfoWindow Linking
    • POI identify now hyperlinks to the poi’s web page if they’ve one (as an alternative of Google Puts web page)
  • Minor Interface Enhancements

New In Model five.1 (27/1/2012):

  • Language / Area Variety
  • Instructions Mode Variety
  • Interface improvements

New In Model

  • Google Puts Integration
    • Get admission to Google Position Knowledge
    • Use Google Puts Varieties
    • Mix Varieties with seek by way of identify for extra granular effects.
    • Returns a couple of effects restricted handiest by way of seek radius environment.
    • Makes use of JSON outcome set for easiest efficiency (Calls for PHP five+ on server)
    • Can use Googles POI icons for puts places
  • Geolocation – Location Mindful
    • Routinely in finding your present location
    • Ultimate for Cell Programs
  • Cell / Complete Display screen Instance Integrated
    • Comprises JS / HTML and CSS
    • Works smartly on ios / android / wm, telephones and tablets
    • Have infowindow content material be proven in an exterior DIV as an alternative on the usual information window bubble
  • Stepped forward Interface
    • Scrolling Classes Checklist
    • Make bigger / Cave in Classes Checklist
  • Database Efficiency
    • Database information at the moment are returned as JSON.
    • Considerably sooner for enormous document units.
  • Got rid of Pieces
    • Panoramio and Wikipedia Layers
    • XML Report Processing

New In Model

  • Google Maps API
    • Re written for Google Maps API
    • keyless api
    • sooner mapping / geocaching
  • Got rid of XML record processing
  • Exterior Information Window

    New In Model

    • Database connector
      • Upload Markers to the map from your individual database
      • Assign customized marker icons to every workforce or every particular person level
      • Upload your individual customized HTML to the marker level’s popup
      • Side road View and Using Instructions Integrated
      • Simplest markers from the database which are at the present map space are
        loaded – higher pace.
      • Batch / Bulk Geocoding device incorporated – convert addresses to latitude,
        longitude pairs
      • Should be operating PHP five.1 or higher and MySQL
    • Person Printable Side road Instructions
      • Customise what will get published with your individual brand Options:

    • Built-in Streetview
    • Person Seek classes
    • Seek for places
    • Picture and wikipedia layers
    • Easy Integration
    • 100% Local Javascript – No Jquery, MooTools, and so on
    • Totally CSS stylable
    • Complete Documentation Integrated
    • Complete Geocoding – Simply supply an deal with. No messing with Latitude
      and Longitude
    • Dynamic effects – no DB or information access required in the event you don’t need
      to hook up with a database

    Highest For:

    • Location Based totally Products and services
    • Cell Course Websites
    • Developing a complicated Location / Touch web page to your website
    • Realtor / Property Brokers
    • Neighborhood Guides
    • Eating place Guides
    • Picture Galleries

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