The Macbook pro 13 inch laptop has a quad-core processor and a graphics card much faster than that of the MacBook Air, which makes it possible to work much faster. However, this model has some shortcomings: a very flat keyboard which is not very pleasant and which has a reputation for being unreliable, only two Thunderbolt 3 ports which may require the use of USB-C hubs or new cables and a high price compared to Windows laptop models that offer similar performance and functionality (especially if you need more than 128 GB of storage space). But the light weight of the MacBook Pro, its robustness and the quality of the help desk makes it a good choice, especially if you have an iPhone or other Apple equipment.

This is the new Macbook pro 13 inch laptop. It’s not 14 inches like we were maybe hoping but it does have the new Magic Keyboard, which is very good news cause you can actually type on it.  There are two models of this thing, basically, there is the lower-end model with two Thunderbolt ports and then there is the higher-end model that has four Thunderbolt ports and it also has the 10th Gen processors, which are the newer processors.  And the main difference there that you probably want to pay attention to is graphics performance, but there’s a bunch of other stuff to look at with this thing and so we’re obviously going to do that. It’s all the standard stuff, a cable, some materials, some stickers in there, a charger, this lovely, not bad. The main things to notice are that it looks exactly like the last MacBook. The differences here, of course, are there is a real Escape key, a real inverted-T arrow key set and the Magic Keyboard.  Physically, we’re looking at the same stuff, there’s the same three-microphone array, there’s the same gigantic Magic Trackpad.

Macbook pro 13 inch laptop


There’s two models of the 2020 MacBook Pro 13-inch.  The base model has two Thunderbolt ports instead of four and it also has Intel’s 8th generation processor, not the newest one.  This model is the step up, it costs 1499$, it has Intel’s 10th Gen Core i5 processor,  it also has faster RAM,  it’s 3,733 megahertz,  and it has 8 gigs of that  RAM plus 512 of storage.  You can upgrade this up to 32 gigs of RAM and a full four terabytes of storage if you want to, which is a lot for a 13-inch machine.

The best Mac laptop for most users is the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It is largely fast enough for common tasks – web browsing, word processing and photo or video editing. It also incorporates an excellent high-definition screen, a very good trackpad, its autonomy is sufficient to last a full day’s work and its price is (relatively) reasonable. The main faults of the MacBook Pro are found almost all on other Apple laptops: the keyboard with shallow keys, few ports and all identical (in this case: two Thunderbolt 3) which may require the use of hubs USB-C or new cables, and a high price compared to Windows laptops with similar performance and functionality. But the MacBook Pro’s light weight, robustness, and unparalleled support service make it a good choice, especially if you have an iPhone or other Apple devices.

We recommend the 1,499$ model with an eighth generation quad-core Core i5 processor, an Intel Iris Plus 645 graphics card, 256 GB SSD storage capacity and 8 GB of memory. If you are used to working with around twenty tabs open in your browser or if you mount large image files or videos, it may be better to choose the version with 16 GB of memory, for 600 Dollar more. If you need more storage space, we recommend that you opt for an external hard drive or SSD instead of paying an astronomical sum for a higher version of Mac Pro.

Our favorite includes two Thunderbolt ports for connectivity and charging, both on the left side, so you’ll need adapters or new cables to connect your other equipment. Each port allows you to charge the computer, transfer data at 40 GB per second, connect external screens (up to 5 120 × 2 880, or 5K resolution) and USB devices. But the MacBook Pro has no other port, other than a headphone jack. The more expensive versions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro include four Thunderbolt 3 ports, like the 16-inch Pro, but even with these models you need an adapter, a hub or a docking station to connect most accessories.


The 13-inch MacBook Pro IPS screen has a resolution of 2,560 × 1,600 px and is crisp, bright and full of color. Unlike the MacBook Air, it supports the DCI-P3 color palette, which is more extensive than the sRGB, so it displays more nuances for certain colors. Both models are now compatible with the True Tone feature, which subtly changes the screen tint to adapt to ambient light. But this functionality is not essential for the majority of users.


Macbook pro 13 inch laptop case

The MacBook Pro is equipped with the fourth generation of Apple’s butterfly keyboard, with shallow keys, which we still don’t like. As on the previous version, the keys are covered with a silicone membrane which protects them better from impurities and dust, but they incorporate ” new materials  ” which, according to Apple, reinforce the reliability of the keyboard (even if the models MacBook Pro and Air 2019 strangely have the honor of being eligible for the repair program since the day of their launch).

The MacBook Pro keyboard also includes the Apple Touch Bar with Touch ID, instead of a row of function keys. The Touch Bar is a high definition, dynamic touch screen, which adapts to display the commands specific to the software being executed (if the software is compatible with this function). It can be useful from time to time, depending on how you work and how you use it, but many Wire cutter contributors prefer a row of function keys. Apple is now integrating the Touch Bar into all MacBook Pro, not just the more expensive models; Even if you never use it, supporting it is well worth it to benefit from the Pro’s increased performance.


 Macbook pro 13 inch laptop case

The Macbook pro 13 inch laptop weighs 1.3 kg, which is 110 g heavier than the 2019 MacBook Air and is exactly the same size (30.41 x 21.24 cm). It’s just a little thicker, with the same height everywhere, unlike the tapered shape of the MacBook Air. It is quite comfortable to carry and it is one of the fastest computers on the market in this dimension. Most users won’t notice the weight difference and we think the speed gain over the MacBook Air is well worth this little compromise.

How to selected best performance machine

At the time of writing, Apple has four laptop models available, in different configurations. We have taken the following criteria into account when deciding which ones to recommend:


Dual-core Intel Core processors are sufficient for browsing the web and performing small photo edits – the most common tasks for most users. But a quad-core or six-core MacBook Pro is worth the price difference if you’re doing video editing or code compilation, consuming a lot of CPU. All MacBooks have at least 8 GB of RAM, which is more than enough for everyday tasks, but if you buy the 13 or 16-inch Pro, consider upgrading to 16 GB or 32 GB (respectively), especially if you mount a lot large files or if you want to run Windows apps through a virtual machine .


 Macbook pro 13 inch laptop case

A high resolution IPS screen is essential on a laptop which costs 1,350 euros or more. All of Apple’s Retina displays offer great sharpness and color accuracy, and they can display almost 100% of the sRGB color palette. MacBook Pro models have screens that support the larger DCI-P3 color palette, which means they can display more shades for certain colors than sRGB screens – it’s a nice touch, but which is not essential for everyone.


All Apple models now exclusively use Thunderbolt 3 ports, whether for data transfer, video, or charging. They all incorporate at least two such ports, to be able to charge the computer and connect a second device at the same time. We would like MacBooks to include more and more ports, but these two ports are a bare minimum. We selected Thunderbolt docking stations 3 and USB-C and USB-C monitors , the USB-C data transfer cables and video cables , the USB-C chargers spare or replacement and other accessories that will allow you to connect all your old equipment to these new generation connectors.

Keyboard, Touch Bar and Touch ID

With the exception of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, all of Apple’s current laptops use a version of the same butterfly keyboard, with shallow keys, which Apple has constantly updated since its launch in 2015. If you do not want to use very flat keys or manage well-known reliability problems, wait a bit because Apple should add the new 16-inch scissor keyboard to its other laptops in 2020. The fourth generation is a slightly quieter and more resistant to dust and dirt than previous versions. She also uses “new materials Which Apple says make the keyboard more reliable. In all cases, all versions of the butterfly keyboard, from 2015 to today, are covered by the Keyboard Repair Program for four years. All current MacBooks include the TouchID fingerprint sensor. For our tests, the presence or absence of the Touch Bar was not taken into account because it is essentially a superfluous feature.

Size and weight

All Apple laptops are relatively thin and light compared to similar models from other manufacturers, but 13-inch models generally offer the best size-to-weight ratio.


Macs are expensive, but not everyone has to buy the more expensive models. Our recommendations offer a good balance between performance, storage capacity and price. We recommend using a cloud service or an external storage device instead of opting for a larger SSD, because Apple’s storage options are so expensive that they can sometimes double the price of a laptop.

Battery life

For basic tasks like web browsing and sending e-mails, all Apple models should be able to last a whole working day without being recharged. But Apple points out that the MacBook Air should last longer than all MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop (twelve hours of navigation instead of ten), which corresponds to the tests that we conducted.


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