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Parallel.NET – Background Process Scheduler

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The Parallel.NET part gives you a easy and powerful approach of having your .NET packages to accomplish common duties at configurable periods. There’s no interference to different sides of the appliance together with the UI or customers.

Take a look at Internet Miner, an actual international internet content material mining utility which takes benefit of Parallel.NET. See an utility preview right here whilst paying shut consideration to the CPU utilization, reminiscence utilization and mining period to peer Parallet.NET in motion.

What are the options?

  • Execute duties at configurable periods
  • Run a couple of duties at other periods the usage of 1 ParallelScheduler
  • Configure whether or not background duties use the ThreadPool or create their very own thread
  • Specify whether or not the duty must run infinitely or for a restricted selection of occasions
  • Upload observers for any background process having the observers alerted each and every time the duty completes
  • Permit the observers to govern the output from the duty that finished
  • Specify how the observers will probably be performed by means of the ParallelScheduler – Sequentially or At the same time as
  • Configurable exception dealing with simply in case a role does no longer care for its personal exceptions

When would I exploit this?

  • Loading information feeds
  • Blank-up operations
  • Sending emails with out decreasing the responsiveness of the UI
  • Tracking interior and exterior sources
  • Updating units or different services and products with new data
  • Refresh your knowledge resources from exterior/interior internet services and products
  • Observe database tables for adjustments or new data
  • Observe inboxes for brand spanking new emails
  • Procedure video, pictures, and different multimedia information
  • Ship massive information
  • Importing a couple of information (FTP, and so on.)

Duties that take a very long time to finish together with duties which might be processor in depth, exhausting disk in depth or process that get admission to exterior sources reminiscent of Internet services and products, databases (in some cases), information feeds, and so on. are splendid applicants to be run within the background. As soon as those duties are finished the observers will probably be notified after which they may be able to carry out their paintings which will come with updating the UI, notifying customers of adjustments & updates, and so on.

Applied sciences

This part is constructed the usage of the .NET Framework this means that in can be utilized in all .NET packages which might be the usage of the framework or upper. This part can be utilized in all sorts of .NET packages together with:

  • Console
  • Home windows Paperwork
  • WPF
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • Home windows Services and products
  • Internet Services and products (XML/WCF)
  • Silverlight
  • Azure

Is it dependable?

The part additionally guarantees that many pitfalls aren’t encountered together with:

  • No Deadlocks
  • No Reminiscence leaks – blank up during the dispose means & imagine issues such because the lapsed listener
  • No Exceptions leaks – Exception dealing with to verify undesired termination of the appliance does no longer happen
  • ASP.NET ThreadPool & Carrier Unavailable dealing with – Provides regulate of whether or not ThreadPool threads are used (by means of default no). This guarantees that threads aren’t taken clear of top availability ASP.NET packages inflicting the scary “Carrier Unavailable” message
  • Process/Background paintings construction – Versatile mechanism for developing advanced background operations
  • Sturdy identify signed – Lets in referencing in different utility which might be sturdy named signed & additionally putting in into the GAC
  • Toughen customized shutdown right through utility pool recycling for internet packages.

What’s within the bundle?

  1. .NET Assemblies
  2. Debug information (PDB)
  3. Xml feedback (Intellisense)
  4. Utilization documentation
  5. API Documentation
  6. 2 x Console demo utility
  7. ASP.NET MVC demo utility
  8. ASP.NET Webforms demo utility
  9. WinForm demo utility
  10. C# & VB.NET Supply Code
  11. Visible Studio 2010 SP1 & 2012 Answer

How would I exploit this part?

Instance of tips on how to use the ParallelScheduler at the side of the UrlReaderBackgroundWork to infinitely ballot a URL each five seconds. The paintings is scheduled to start out straight away the usage of ThreadPool threads with two registered observers that will probably be performed in Parallel each time the paintings is finished.

Click on right here to learn to use Parallel.NET.


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01/12/2013 – Added Toughen for utility pool recycling. The paintings example can close itself down correctly right through an automated or handbook utility pool recycling tournament.

18/12/2013 – Added VB.NET supply code.

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