How to Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner. Due to the epidemic of COVID-19 Coronavirus, we would like to give you some tips for cleaning and disinfecting your smartphone screen. Hard to miss the news, an epidemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread from China. The first health advice from government are to wash their hands regularly, avoid popular places and cough or sneeze into their elbow. As an additional measure, we wanted to explain how to clean your keyboard, your AirPods, your headphones, your iPad or even the screen of your smartphone. These devices have surfaces that are nests for bacteria, microbes and other viruses.


The smartphone is a nest for bacteria. Studies have concluded that there were more bacteria on its screen than on a metro bar or a toilet bowl … However, you touch your smartphone on average every 10 minutes. This is the problem with all touch screens, in particular the screens of public machines such as ATMs. Fortunately, if you can’t disinfect everything, you can disinfect your smartphone.

  • To avoid scratching the screen of your smartphone, you will have to be careful!
  • We do not recommend using a window cleaner, household detergent, compressed air, aerosol, solvent, ammonia or an abrasive or containing hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) to clean your smartphone or tablet. Touch screens are often protected by an oleo-phobic coating.
  • Unplug everything and turn off your smartphone or tablet;
  • Wash your hands;
  • Depending on your smartphone, you can use an antiseptic wipe or a cloth soaked in isopropanol.
  • Finally, pass a microfiber cloth in small circles. To wash the microfiber cloth, soak it in warm water with soap. Hot water is used to open the fibers and release the dirt contained in the microfibers. Do not wash your screen until the cloth is completely dry (or slightly damp) to the touch.

To avoid scratching or damaging it, you can also simply use a microfiber cloth. Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths gently clean the sensitive screen of your smartphone or tablet without the risk of scratching it.

Be aware that the Corning Gorilla Glass coating that equips almost all high-end smartphones is mineral glass, tempered glass of alkali alumino-silicates. You can clean it with any household product without risk. However, some manufacturers do not recommend the solutions mentioned above. If you have a screen protector, you can use an antiseptic wipe. Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner

Top Best Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell phone disinfectant

Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner. Our first choice is the UV PhoneSoap 3 cell phone sanitizer, which works magically on devices of all shapes and sizes. By using UV rays, it kills all kinds of bacteria and charges your phone while all of this is happening, which, if we say it, is not only practical, but cool, and we love freshness. It is large enough to fit all phones, and you can clean other items as well if they fit in it.

The company Phonesoap offers a mobile phone charger, with an option to neutralize bacteria. With a lifespan of several years, this charger keeps your mobile phone cleaner than an operating room. This is how these germs are found on cell phones. It is still possible to clean these devices with disinfectant, but the humidity of these products could damage the phone. This is why the company Phonesoap has developed an electric charger-disinfectant. Sanitation is carried out using ultraviolet lamps.

If you want to splash the money, it’s a smartphone cleaner like you’ve never seen before, maybe never even thought possible. The future is now, guys, be sure to wear your sunglasses because the future is bright.

To go further, know that you can also disinfect your smartphone by UV (ultra-violet) radiation. A unique feature of UV light is its range of specific wavelengths, between 200 and 300 nanometers, which are considered germicidal, which means that they have the ability to inactivate micro- organisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa. There is a specific product for smartphones called Phone Soap.


  • Charges the phone during cleaning
  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • Uses UV to remove dirt, bacteria, etc.

How the Phonesoap charger works?

The charger looks like a miniature tanning machine, and is suitable for many varieties of phones, from the smallest to the largest. There is a small compartment, connected to the mains, to keep the phone’s charging cable out of the reach of lamps. The cleaning process takes approximately five minutes. However, you can recharge your phone without activating the sanitation function. Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner.

  • Fits all phones
  • Cleans other items that fit
  • Ideal for a wide variety of environments
  • Slightly large

Tech Cleaning Products Buying Guide

Features to Look for in Tech Cleaning Products

There are a bunch of cool and useful tech cleaning products out there that are sure to help keep your devices as new as possible, at least in the way they look, anyway. However, we know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to taking care of their devices, so before getting your hands on useful cleaning products, be sure to look for those features that might help you decide which one is best for you. Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner.

Volume and Value

It’s not good to buy something that you only get for a few uses, especially after paying – presumably – more than the odds. This is especially true for products that, over the long term, should and will provide a longer lifespan for your devices. When you buy a screen cleaning kit or a dust cleaner, make sure you get your money’s worth and you will not spend more on cleaning products than you did on the device itself. even.


Imagine buying what you think is the best laptop screen cleaner only to find that it leaves streaks after each wipe, does that seem to you to be the best? We didn’t think so. If the product does not do what it is designed or advertised for, then do not buy it, you can usually find out by consulting the reviews or by delving into different products that do the same thing. Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner.

Kit components

You wouldn’t buy a car without an engine (unless you’re planning to install a new engine, but let’s not have our hair cut out here), so there is no point in buying a cleaning kit that doesn’t have all the tools you need to get the best results every time. If you want something to kill the bacteria, make sure you buy something that kills the bacteria, if you buy a phone screen cleaner should have – at the very least – a cloth, preferably microfiber (in done, nothing but microfiber). It’s a matter of common sense, but sometimes you’re too excited to buy it, maybe you just want to spend as little as possible, but there is a chance that you will be disappointed.

What are Tech cleaning products?

There are a variety of technological cleaning products you can buy to help keep your devices clean, dust-free, and completely free of bacteria. These can be items such as screen cleaning wipes, shot blasters and, as you have seen, UV lamps that kill bacteria without the need to lift a finger.

What is the best way to clean my TV screen?

We all went to where we realized the TV looked a little dusty, so we took some Windex and wiped it to see traces of poor judgment and foresight on the screen. If your cleaning solution is Windex or something similar, stop immediately. Instead, it is suggested to use a dry, soft cloth to pick up the dust and prevent scratches, which would be even more disastrous than the traces. Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner.

How often should I clean my technical devices?

how to Phone Sanitizer and Screen Cleaner. It depends on how much you love your devices, which we are sure is much more than a little. Many suggest that you clean it every time it gets dirty, however, with the number of bacteria accumulating on your phone every day, it would not be an exaggeration to consider cleaning it every day. At the very least, wipe it off quickly with a disinfectant at the end of the day.

Can I use alcohol to clean a touch screen?

You absolutely can! But not pure alcohol or leftover vodka from your students’ golden years. Instead, take isopropyl alcohol and mix it with water in a 40% to 60% mixture and moisten the end of a cloth. Once that’s done, just wipe it gently on the screen, and it’s best to turn off the phone (we know, we know, we know, not for long though) in advance.

Are there other natural ways to clean my screen?

It depends on what you mean by natural. Half water, half white vinegar could be considered a “natural” cleaning solution, as well as cotton swabs, which are a decent substitute for microfiber cloths if there aren’t any in the area.

If you are thinking more of lemon juice to clean your phone (why lemon juice? That came to mind as a natural example), then maybe not. The best way to clean your phone in a natural way is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. We know it’s almost impossible, but changing some of your habits, like not taking it to the bathroom, keeping it in your pocket when you eat, or putting it in several zipper bags when you roll in the mud.

Will these technical cleaners work with all technical appliances?

The label affixed to the appliance cleaner should tell you whether it can be used safely with all kinds of technical equipment. While not common, some chemicals can react negatively to your device’s hardware, which could be the end of the world for you. If you’ve spent a lot of money on the latest and greatest technology, it would be a shame if it were damaged by the neglect of your cleaning products. It takes less than a minute, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Should I use a microfiber cloth to wipe my screen?

Yes! Microfiber cloths may be the best material to use for cleaning screens, as they do not cause abrasions that could cause scratches or other marks on the screen. Whether you are looking for a phone or laptop screen cleaner, a microfiber cloth should be considered primarily as a safe and reliable product that will remove dust, fingerprints, dirt, fat and just about any other product you don’t want on your screen.


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