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Picture Gallery

Value: 16$
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The Picture Gallery module, will let you arrange and edit your pictures, then percentage them on-line.

Set up

  1. Unpack the Picture Gallery module into your modules listing.
  2. Permit the modules.
    • Discuss with your website online’s Management > Modules web page.
    • Permit Picture Gallery. This may occasionally routinely advised you to approve enabling all required modules that aren’t already enabled.

Getting Began

To get began with the Picture Gallery module you’ll wish to create a gallery that would be the supply of your slider pictures:

  1. Cross to Picture Gallery Management > Configuration > Picture Gallery, and create a gallery
  2. The gallery will probably be empty via default, so use add a couple of pictures out of your laptop.
  3. Cross to the Blocks administrative web page.
  4. In finding and turn on the photograph gallery block on your gallery via including it to a web page area.
  5. Configure the photograph gallery block
  6. View the slider or gallery via navigating to a web page that incorporates your block!

Up to date

  • Mounted: Javascript Factor.

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