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Shape Generator

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One of the crucial time eating and hated jobs in webdevelopment is doubtless, growing bureaucracy.

Take into accounts the numerous hours you spend growing touch bureaucracy that validated the e-mail deal with or that add shape that handiest wishes to just accept jpg photographs which are smaller then 300 by way of 300 pixels.

With Shape Generator we make an finish to this. EasyForms is a PHP library that is helping you create bureaucracy on a quick and simple manner together with enter validation.

In conjunction with the EasyForm library, you get four examples bureaucracy which are created
the usage of this library:

NEW: There’s a shape builder integrated now

  • Touch shape
  • Symbol add with extension and symbol dimension validation
  • Quote request shape
  • Subscribe shape that provides the e-mail deal with and title to a CSV record
  • Visible shape builder

Examples integrated

CSV Subscribe shape:
Symbol add shape:
Touch shape:


v1.five.1 (04/08/2011)
* Got rid of lacking photographs (20/07/2011)
* UL shut tag drawback mounted
* Shape builder reset button symbol mounted

v1.four (17/01/2011) 
* Fastened visible edit drawback 

v1.three (26/11/2009)
* Composer issues solved
* Examined and dealing on PHP variations older than five.2.
* Fastened double execution of formHandler
* Changed deprecated eregi e-mail validator with preg_math variant

v1.2 (19/11/2009)
* Composer delete part drawback solved
* Object # output with PHP variations older than five.2 solved.
* formHandler serve as will get completed 2 occasions solved

You probably have a PHP model older than five.2 and you have got issues appearing the shape at the display screen. Then use echo $Shape->__toString(); rather than simply echo $Shape; to turn the shape.

v1.1 (22/10/2009)
* Added Shape builder utility
* Added ul tags wrapper
* Reinforce for object callbacks
* Drawback in Shape Processed way mounted
* Drawback with empty password box mounted
* Added li wrapper round hidden shape tag box

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