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Shape Stepper part – tStepper

Worth: nine$
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tStepper is a component one of the vital many soon-to-come portions of the tForms Pack.

Its fundamental capability is a precise copy of the Adobe Flash numeric stepper element made in javascript so no flash is wanted. It even have extra choices than the flash one and is extra versatile.

Updates 21.07.2010

  • added keys give a boost to. Now it may be incremented/decremented when urgent the up/down keys


  • can tanke numeric values from a flow min to a flow max (which means that numbers equivalent to -2.375 and 22.five also are approved)
  • can take an array of values and increment thru them (as an inventory)
  • can also be additionally carried out to <choose> pieces and make a stepper from its choices
  • a gradient colour can also be carried out for the values. Because of this you’ll be able to set a get started colour and an finish colour to modify their values from A to B (for instance from sizzling to chilly / crimson to blue, and so forth)
  • very customizable and simple to make use of
  • it’s designed 100% in CSS and it’s simple to govern
  • cross-browsered
  • helps limitless choice of values
  • clean colour transition
  • guide enter additionally supported for numeric values

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