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Slide Panel

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Slide Panel is a JavaScript library, designed for simple introduction of animated slides. You’ll create interactive slider with pictures, textual content and hyperlinks, by way of the use of easy, declarative means.

It makes use of SVG or VML as backend (applying Raphael JS library) and it really works throughout all main browsers.

You’ll use it aspect by way of aspect with every other library you wish to have, like JQuery or MooTools.

To create a slideshow, it is important to create a html construction (so it’s search-engine pleasant!) after which, write a configuration in JavaScript — however it’s simple. An intensive documentation with examples is equipped.

When writing configuration, you’ll have to specify key frames with desired attributes (like opacity or place) and this is the reason Slide Panel is so versatile. It is possible for you to to create very custom designed slides with many transitions results, like scaling, converting place, rotation or colour.

What’s extra, it is possible for you to to create match handlers for any object, e.g. for occasions like “onmouseover”.

I’ve incorporated production-ready JavaScript report (49 KB — gzipping can additional cut back measurement all the way down to 16 KB). It incorporates all you wish to have to make use of Slide Panel, at the side of stripped down model of Raphael library (authentic Raphael library weights 57 KB).

Pictures incorporated in demo are Inventive-Commons license:

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