Sunday, August 18, 2019
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HTML5 three-D Geolocation

Worth: nine$ Score: three.five Observe The geolocation works simplest on https internet sites. Take away body from the are living preview or click on at once HERE! Updates September 2015: mounted computer virus (unsupported characters) Added a brand new function: chance of forestall globe rotation on mouse over! Description It isn't only a HTML5 geolocation! It is

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Simple Script Copier – Extract HTML, CSS and JS !

Value: 7$ Score: three.four Description Simple Script Copier is small software constructed to avoid wasting an HTML web page and all CSS /JavaScript recordsdata connected. I constructed this software to avoid wasting on my PC some jQuery and Ajax scripts (sliders, accordions, countdowns, charts, ...). It really works with HTML5 ,

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