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The Swords of Ditto Evaluation

To be had on PS4 (model examined) and PC

The primary name from One Bit Past, The Swords of Ditto is a lovingly crafted procedural roguelike impressed by way of the whole lot from Steven Universe to The Legend of Zelda: Hyperlink to the Previous. It’s a visible and mechanical deal with that demanding situations even whilst drawing you into its beautiful, hand-drawn international. It additionally has large moustache-twirling cats and sassy undead dung beetles among many different ridiculous moments.

You play as a mythical hero referred to as The Sword of Ditto, who arises each 100 years to defeat Mormo, a legendary witch intent on destroying the arena. Your activity is to collect particular toys able to destroying her from dungeons around the Kingdom. Clearly, that is more straightforward stated than performed, and can most probably take a couple of generations of clumsy heroes to in the end save the arena.

You’re reincarnated into a brand new hero after every loss of life. After receiving the ancestor’s spoils from their grave, you proceed the adventure. Best revel in and a couple of explicit pieces will elevate over, so problem is at all times afoot as enemies develop more potent along you. By no means realizing whether or not you’ll become into a person, lady and even an animal has a cutesy appeal to it, too.

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The Swords of Ditto is determined by a fundamental mixture of exploration, fight and quests. Following a temporary smattering of tutorials, you’re thrust into the procedurally generated international to discover at your recreational. It adjustments with every existence, so that you’ll come to be informed a big, interconnected international earlier than having all of it stripped away after one tiny mistake. This can also be irritating, however realizing you’re probably seconds clear of shedding all of it is a cast motivator to behave responsibly. Even supposing, this didn’t forestall me from being persistently trounced.

There’s a handful of acquainted landmarks that co-exist between every technology, comparable to shrines used to opposite time or come up with an additional existence. You’ve gotten best 4 days to collect sources and extinguish Mormo, and the way you make a decision to do that is as much as you. Mythical guns can also be obtained from dungeons to deactivate triggers. Hampering those gadgets will make the general boss combat more straightforward, however takes away precious time chances are you’ll need to spend somewhere else.

Time is at all times a consider Swords of Ditto, and dependable on-screen reminders drive you to prioritise duties regardless of realizing the tip for every personality is inevitable. I typically spent my time grinding or investigating dungeons for particular guns or stickers I may just elevate over to the following existence. Stickers are necessarily items of kit that come up with distinctive stat buffs and skills.

You’ll elevate those over to long run heroes by way of spending crests, a different forex become independent from cash used at storefronts scattered throughout every consultation’s the town, a hub of varieties full of quirky NPCs and quests to select up. Stickers can be exchanged with townsfolk as some way of acquiring uncommon buffs, with out breaking the digital financial institution.

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Swords of Ditto Review

Sadly, The Swords of Ditto’s procedural component works to its detriment with regards to dungeon design, which occurs to be a core component of finishing every quest. Hyperlink to the Previous and different vintage journey titles had been renown for his or her iconic puzzles and gargantuan bosses. Unfortunately, Ditto doesn’t possess this stuff. If truth be told, foes have a dependancy of crowding tiny rooms and leaving you and not using a room to flee, which is frustratingly unfair.

A simplistic fight gadget best furthers this occasional annoyance as the tactic for defeating maximum enemies is mashing away at a unmarried button or acting a well timed dodge to unveil vulnerabilities. Particular pieces referred to as toys, that have a lot of purposes, spice issues up just a little – however they are able to take some time to procure because of being unique to an ever-changing store and explicit dungeons.

Many elements influenced by way of The Sword of Ditto’s procedural nature grew tiresome after my time with it. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it surely’s tough to forget about that One Bit Past’s debut effort would possibly have labored higher as a structured fable epic, as an alternative of depending on an set of rules to build its underwhelming dungeons and fight encounters.

Getting access to stated dungeons too can develop right into a useless grind as you’re requested to be a definite degree earlier than gaining get right of entry to. As a substitute of restriction, why no longer let me stumble in and be informed the errors of overstepping obstacles myself? It could function a punch within the intestine, however be extra rewarding in spite of everything.

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Swords of Ditto Review

The monotony related to procedural dungeons is alleviated quite by way of the sheer degree of personality oozing from The Swords of Ditto’s unbelievable international. It doesn’t simply take visible inspiration from trendy cartoons. Its writing is similarly sharp with hard-hitting jokes and quirky discussion that is helping the evolving townspeople really feel unusually certain within the face of the oncoming apocalypse.

Townsfolk are satisfied to provide you with quests, too. They’ll steadily ask you to fetch pieces or kill a definite selection of enemies, rather pedestrian goals that repeat themselves beautiful steadily. The extra attention-grabbing quests come within the type of venturing on a adventure to ship pieces to precise characters, even if this stays a case of going from A to B and little else.


The Swords of Ditto is an stress-free RPG held again by way of its procedural international that hinders the possible creativity of dungeons and exploration.

Past its pleasant setting it’s tough to develop hooked up to a global that’s repeatedly replacing. You’ll come to like its landmarks but resent the vacancy that lies between them.

Occupying a technology of heroes is a singular idea, however one who’s seldom utilized in tandem with the opposite very good methods One Bit Past has conjured up.