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3 Ways to Transfer Whatsapp iPhone data to another iPhone

3 Ways to Transfer Whatsapp iPhone to another iPhone

Every mobile has an average lifespan of around 2 years until we buy a new one from the market. Now buying a new phone is easy but how to transfer whatsapp iPhone data between the old phone and the new one?

So here I show you 3 ways on how to transfer your whatsapp iPhone data from one to another:


Method 1) Transfer data Using the Whatsapp iPhone Cloud Backup

This feature will allow you to backup the data from old phone and then recover it from the new one.Make sure you have the iCloud backup option enables on both devices.

Follow the step-by-step procedure below:

Step 1: Take the old iPhone go to Whatsapp and then go to Settings->Chat Settings->Chat Backup

Step 2: When backing up of your data from old iPhone is complete, take the new one.and install whatsapp.

Step 3: Now after installing you will have to feed your number make sure its the same as in the old phone

Step 4: After giving the number you will be prompted to restore your whatsapp iPhone data click on Yes

All your Whatsapp iPhone data is now on the new iphone! 


Method 2) Transfer data Using Whatsapp iPhone Transfer Software

Before we use the software  here’s a quick info about the company, TunesBro is one of  the leading software developing companies in the field of mobile management.It has many softwares for data backup,restore and transfer for both iPhone and Android. Now lets use one of its softwar called Whatsapp Transfer.

This software provides the fastest,easiest and  a no-data loss way in which you can backup and transfer whatsapp iPhone messages and also the whatsapp iPhone attachments present in each conversation, you can export them to a computer or a new iPhone and restore it on that device.

Follow the step-by-step guide for using this software:

Step 1) Make sure you download iTunes 11.0 or above on your Windows computer.

Step 2) Install the software by click here and then run it after installing.

Step 3) Connect both your old and new iPhones to the PC via USB.Now the software will start reading your whatsapp iPhone messages and show them on its interface.

Step 4) In the devices list right click on the the old iPhone and choose  “Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Step 5) So, Now select  the new iPhone you want to transfer your data to and click confirm to continue.

Note: Before transferring WhatsApp iPhone data between  iPhones, make sure that you close WhatsApp on your target iPhone first.

Transferred successfully. All your Whatsapp iPhone chat data has now been transferred perfectly on your new iPhone.This process guarantees no data loss while transferring.


Method 3) Transfer Whatsapp iPhone Data with iTunes Backup

With iTunes you can backup the data from the old iPhone and restore it on the new one, Follow the below step-by-step guide to transfer data:

Step 1) First, Install iTunes on your PC and then connect to your old iPhone.

Step 2) Open iTunes and go to File->Device->Backup.

Step 3) Connect your new iPhone to PC via USB.and remove the old one

Step 4) Then, Open iTunes and when you are prompted to set up select “Restore from iTunes Backup”

Step 5) Your new iPhone will have all the data of he old iPhone and you will be able to access all your Whatsapp iPhone data

Step 6) Login on Whatsapp with the same mobile number

Step 7) You will be prompted to restore data from previous chats,click OK.



In the the above all methods there will be no data loss in transfer of data. The second method is the easiest one from all of the above methods and also you have to install WhatsApp iPhone transfer software for it because this software makes the process appear very easy and simple than the others.