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Trendy Video Participant

Worth: 28$
Ranking: four.21

Trendy Video Participant is extremely customizable jQuery gallery plugin with a number of adjustable options. It may possibly show video and symbol information from many exterior content material assets.

It improve self hosted video and symbol information, 360 fact video and symbol landscape, and Youtube content material.

All DEMO examples integrated within the obtain bundle for speedy and simple setup.

Options and choices:

  • Destop, mobile and pill improve
  • Responsive layouts
  • Extremely customizable with HTML and CSS
  • 2 other icon kinds to be had (font-awesome and simple symbol icons)
  • Content material assets:
    • Self hosted video, pictures
    • Self hosted digital fact 360 video
    • Self hosted landscape 360 symbol
    • HTTP Reside Streaming (HLS)
    • Youtube content material:
      • Unmarried video
      • Playlist
      • Channel
      • Video question (seek)
      • 360 video
    • Folder playlist (video and pictures)
    • XML playlist
  • Reinforce for a couple of circumstances in the similar web page
  • Method to combine other media varieties in the similar playlist
  • Playback choices:
    • random playback
    • loop playlist
    • playback pace
    • get started / finish time
    • a couple of playback qualities
  • Vertical or horizontal playlist
  • Media side ratio (authentic / fit-inside / fit-outside)
  • Media finish motion (subsequent, loop, rewind)
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Social sharing (fb, twitter, tumblr, google plus)
  • API strategies to be had
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Toggle playback
    • Subsequent media
    • Earlier media
    • Set quantity
    • Toggle mute
    • Search
    • Search ahead / backward
    • Get present time
    • Get length
    • Get load growth
    • Toggle playlist
    • Toggle embed
    • Toggle description
    • Toggle random
    • Toggle loop
    • Toggle fullscreen
    • Set subtitle
    • Set playback high quality
    • Set playback charge
    • Wreck media
    • Wreck playlist
    • Load media / playlist
  • Callbacks to be had
    • Setup accomplished
    • Playlist get started load
    • Playlist finish load
    • Playlist merchandise enabled
    • Playlist merchandise disabled
    • Playlist merchandise click on
    • Media request
    • Media get started
    • Media play
    • Media pause
    • Media finish
    • Quantity exchange
    • Fullscreen input
    • Fullscreen go out

    tags: video participant, youtube video, social feed, symbol gallery, 360 video, landscape

Updates / Changelog

VERSION [15.1.2018]

 - [UPDATE] Totally new participant designed and coded from scratch, with new options

UPDATE four.eight [9.12.2017]

  • [UPDATE] replace to jQuery three.2.1

UPDATE four.65 [12.6.2017]

  • [UPDATE] trojan horse fixes
  • [UPDATE] some code enhancements
  • [UPDATE] Youtube api enhancements

UPDATE four.6 [10.4.2017]

  • [UPDATE] some code enhancements

UPDATE four.five [7.3.2017]

  • [UPDATE] some code enhancements

UPDATE four.four [18.12.2016]

  • [ADD] added inline video playback on iphone

UPDATE four.three [27.9.2016]

  • [UPDATE] replace compatibility with jquery three


model four.25

  • up to date folder parsing for mp4 movies


model four.2

  • some tooltip updates


model four.15

  • mounted deeplink energetic merchandise (get started video)


model four.1

  • up to date subtitles to srt / vtt layout
  • up to date giant play btn over video space
  • up to date youtube urged high quality



  • best mp4 video layout required for all browsers
  • replace to Youtube api V3
  • up to date are living playlist format


model three.65

  • best mp4 video layout required for all browsers


model three.63

  • up to date youtube for http and https


model three.62

  • mounted some insects with ios (_youtubeStarted, mediaPath+=”?rand=” + (Math.random() * 99999999);)


model three.61

  • Up to date captions to load unmarried xml report
  • added HTML5 fullscreen for IE11


model three.6

  • subtitles / captions now to be had for html5 video and youtube
  • added non-compulsory proper click on context menu
  • many total enhancements


model three.51


model three.five

  • added non-compulsory video obtain (specify your individual trail)
  • added youtube video seek choice
  • added video high quality choice (for youtube grabs all to be had qualities routinely, for mp4/ogv/webm movies any selection of qualities will also be set)
  • added non-compulsory pre roll video provides with skip advance (video ad)
  • added non-compulsory timed html parts over video (mid roll provides)
  • added non-compulsory chapters via video (specify video time and bankruptcy caption)
  • new advanced API strategies
  • new callbacks
  • new demos
  • advanced wall HTML markup
  • lightbox modified to fancybox2 in wall format
  • added database playlist choice (+ examples integrated)
  • added media_id identifier in settings for a couple of avid gamers (routinely pause/play a couple of avid gamers in similar web page)
  • added button tooltips
  • a couple of avid gamers in similar web page supported (instance integrated)
  • up to date flash embedding for a couple of avid gamers
  • mounted caption menu place
  • mounted safari jquery cope with again from first merchandise factor
  • many small enhancements


model three.12


model three.1

  • added HTML5 captions improve
  • redesigned participant controls (+ font superior icons)
  • added timer for hiding participant controls in fullscreen
  • added social icons
  • up to date youtube mobile playback
  • mounted webm improve question


model three.03

  • modified autoplay to on after first play
  • added click on contact on video


model three.02

  • replace to jquery 1.10.2


model three.01

  • mounted youtube tooltip price
  • playlist reordering and procedure necessary repair for blended playlists



  • complete layouts made utterly responsive
  • different minor total code imporvements

model 2.three

  • added XML playlist
  • added folder playlist (routinely load movies from folders)
  • added choice to make a choice from ogv and webm video layout


model 2.21

  • added youtube fullscreen button in all browsers
  • added youtube approach to play very best video high quality to be had


model 2.2

  • replace to jquery 1.nine.1
  • replace jquery cope with (for deeplinking) for jquery 1.nine.1
  • replace prettyphoto for jquery 1.nine.1
  • got rid of mini toggle button (w_toggle) in widget instance (used to be inflicting undesirable issues on mobile with video)


model 2.1

  • advanced youtube filtering (personal, deleted, limited movies)
  • video paths separated in index information (mp4, ogv, webm)
  • native video fullscreen advanced
  • video up to date for IOS 6
  • advanced flash backup for older browsers
  • non-compulsory playlist
  • new layouts integrated (no playlist instance, widget instance, video wall examples with non-compulsory Prettyphoto)
  • total trojan horse fixes and code enhancements

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