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zButton for WindowsForms

Value: 7$
Ranking: four.75

zButton is a .NET themed button that may generate Adobe Photoshop like buttons. The zButton can lay on any symbol with prime quality transparency. The zbutton Will have sparkling textual content in addition to glow animations when your mouse hovers it or leaves it. The zButton can be utilized with C# and Vb.web in an instant.

Simple to make use of and put into effect:

All you want to to is simply drag and drop it into your undertaking and your all set. You’ll be able to then trade its theme and houses visually with Visible studio.

Options and Regulate Homes:

  • BorderColor: Units/Will get the Colour of zButton Border
  • BorderGlowType: Set/Will get the border glow kind
  • FillRounded: Units/Will get boolean
  • GlowAnimationSpeed: Units/Will get the glow animation pace.
  • GlowColor: Units/Will get the colour of the outer Glow
  • GlowText: Units/Will get the String worth TEXT of the zButton
  • GradientColor: Units/Will get the Gradient colour of the present theme
  • GradientDirection: Units/Will get the Gradient route kind
  • GradientEnable: Units/Will get boolean if gradient is on/off
  • GradientStrength: Units/Will get the energy of the gradient Integer.
  • RoundRadius: Units/Will get the rounded corners of the zButton.
  • TextGlowColor: Units/Will get the colour of the glow on textual content.
  • TextGlowIntensity: Units/Will get the depth of the Glow
  • TextGlowType: Units/Will get the textual content glow kind
  • ThemeColor: Units/Will get the colour of zButton’s Primary Theme colour
  • ThemeOpacity: Units/Will get zButton’s Opacity/Transparency on items.
  • ToggleState: Units/Will get the Toggle state kind
  • Toggled: Units/Will get Boolean if the zbutton is toggled or now not.

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