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zLabel for WindowsForms

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Sparkling Label keep watch over that has a number of options. Options equivalent to Alpha transparency, gradient backgrounds, rounded corners and a lot more.
The zLabels primary characteristic is the pulsing animation. This option is superb for idle labels equivalent to “Downloading…” or “Loading…” the zlabel on this case would pulse a sparkling animation impact. The zLabel will also be the usage of with C# and Vb.web programs along side different .NET initiatives.

The zLabel is terribly simple to make use of. All it’s a must to do is drag and drop it into your undertaking and with a easy “rebuild” you are going to have the zLabel on your toolbox!


  • Border: Units/Will get the Border kind
  • 1) GradientFill
  • 2) Fill
  • three) OnlyBorder
  • four) none
  • BorderColor: Units/Will get the Colour of zLabel Border
  • FillColor: Set/Will get the filling colour
  • FillOpacity : Units/Will get zLabel’s Opacity/Transparency on items.
  • GlowAnimationSpeed: Units/Will get the glow animation pace.
  • GlowColor: Units/Will get the colour of the outer Glow
  • GlowColor: Units/Will get the colour of the glow on textual content.
  • GlowIntensity: Units/Will get the depth of the Glow.
  • GlowType: Units/Will get the textual content glow kind
  • 1) GlowOnMouseEnter
  • 2) At all times
  • three) Pulse
  • four) None
  • GradientStrength: Units/Will get the power of the gradient Integer.
  • Symbol: Units/Will get the picture
  • ImageAlign: Units/Will get ImageAlignment Notice: The xy place of the Symbol will also be altered by way of the usage of the zLabels Padding Assets
  • RoundRadius: Units/Will get the rounded corners of the zLabel.
  • TextAlign: Positions the textual content inside the keep watch over.

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