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zPanel for WindowsForms

Value: 7$
Ranking: four.eight

The zPanel is a prime quality top useful WindowsForms panel part. The zPanel may have fashionable like Emboss and DropShadow in addition to Prime quality gradient issues with Alpha-Opacity Transparencies.
The zPanel is superb for making a fully fashionable Consumer Interface. You are going to have the essential houses to construct a singular and lovely designs with out using Photoshop or any outdoor photographs. The zPanel additionally comes with the valuables to be moved at runtime via mouse click on and drag. This may also be carried out to the zPanel or the MainForm.

Simple to make use of and implament
The zPanel is totally in a position to be implanted to C# and VB.web Initiatives. It additionally features a DLL which may also be referenced in lots of different languages.

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